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Who saved Muhammeds(SAV)'s grave? Ataturk!




During the 1930's the king of Saudi Arabia began to demolish all the graves in the country because visiting the graves was a sin according to their beliefs. When it was time to demolish the grave of prophet Muhammed all of the muslims in Arabia request help from Mustafa Kemal Ataturk(great founder of Turkish Republic) and he sent a note to the king of Arabia saying if he have touched any stone of the Muhammed's grave he would pay really much worth of this behaviour (may be war or another thing). Then the grave is still there.. Now people are talking about that Ataturk was not a real muslim, he changed the state of country, stopped caliphate.. When we think about all the things, revolutions he had made there is no way besides obeying his way. He was a great man that all the public leaders Che Guavera, Fidel Castro or others walked with Ataturk's light. When Che was dead the book of Ataturk "Nutuk (speech)" was found in his bag. You can search this. If there is someone that we must try to understand that is Ataturk.

08:41 AM Nov 13 2008 |

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As a person who adores history and read a lot I know one thing which is the most important when talking about "Great Leaders" not to belive what you heard. Not to talk acording to rumours because history is a science…

 I can prove you that Atatürk is a Turkmen whose family lived in Selanik, Kocacık. And you can search and find that in that time Kocacık was totally Turk. So first read and be sure that it is a reliable source then talk about otherwise you will be same with a gosspier…And everybody knows that Atatürk shut down the Masonic Lodges in Turkey…

So if you do not have proper knowledge then stay silent and let the people think you are a gentle  man…Don't say the things which you can not prove that it is true…


People saying Ataturk is a greece or from other nations because he was great and everybody wants to have him in their history but he is a Turk and he is proud of being a Turk he fought for his noble nation like in his words


"The Turkish Nation consists of the valiant descendants of  people that have lived independently and have considered independence the sole condition of existence. This nation has never lived without freedom, cannot and never will. "

"We Turks are people who, throughout our history, have been the very embodiment of freedom and independence. "

"I am not a noble person like you but I am from a noble nation"

 "Youth of Turkey's future, even in
such circumstances it is your duty to save Turkish Independence and the
Republic. You will find the strength you need in your noble blood."

" How happy it is for the one who says I am a Turk"


So do not talk about Atatürk even without knowing his own words.

04:32 PM Nov 14 2008 |




Heey Mr Smith(matrix 07 :) ) please be aware of your Arab kings. Are you proud of him to be a real Arabian? What does your king do to lead your country? I think he is looking how many wwifes he has in his Palace, how rich he is , he is thinking himself as the king of the sacred land but how many Muslim in the world is dying in a day? Why don't he want to be a leader to make the muslim environment safe and peaceful? Is there any wars between Cristians or JEws? But why muslims are being killed everyday? because  the leaders are only taking care of their asses.

Ataturk was a different leader among all the Muslim leaders who should be proud of him and improve themselfs with the respect of Ataturk's actions which he handled in the worst time Muslims ever lived. When the French and English troops were landing from the Southeast of Turkey in 1918 through Arab lands, Arabs were laughing to Turkey. Are you proud now to help Europeans killing Muslim people? 

Please read your history and come here then. 

10:31 AM Nov 15 2008 |




I am very sad after reading this.

11:30 AM Nov 15 2008 |




We didn't say that > Atatürk was a great muslim..!

But all ppl have to admit that He was a successfull leader..

He didn't want to create a islamic country.. his aim was a make a free Turkish country with hardworking and secular people..

So maybe he didn't care about islamic laws so much..

It is right, or, wronge… !!! We shouldn't argue about it..


Maybe he wasn't a super muslim.. But anyone can't claim that He wasn't wise and a big leader..


Me too, I am a Kurd.. And i don't like all of Atatürk's thinking.. There are some diffirences between my and Atatürk's politic ideas..

But i have never claimed that he wasn't a leader.


You, Arabs, don't have to like him.. And we are not trying to make Atatürk be loved my Arabic ppl.

Just allow he is a lader… That's enough thing that we want from you.

12:15 PM Nov 15 2008 |




That's enough adjective for Ataturk! > Leader!


He doesn't have to be a muslim > To be a great leader!

12:40 PM Nov 15 2008 |


South Africa

asalaamu alaikum

my name is mohammed saleem moorad, im from durban, south africa.

i am of Indian ancestry but my ancestors have been in Sa for 4 generations now & english is my first language.

 i just joined this forum in order to say a few things.

how can you people be proud of kemal ataturk?

it is through him that the doors were opened for deen to leave the lives of the turkish people.

look at you!

you people are so far away from Islam-

islam teaches us how to walk, talk , dress, eat, drink, go to the toilet, bathroom, get married, bury the dead etc

its a complete way of life but unfortunately there are hardly any turks today who follow the deen properly.

it is more sad because you are a muslim majority country and in the past your people have made so much Khidmah of deen but if you have to look around the streets of all the towns/cities in turkey today , you might think all the people around you are Kafirs!

i love all my muslim brothers and sisters from around the world and it makes me very sad to see how westernised you have become.you left the orders of Allah' ta ala & the sunnah of Rasulullah Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

02:40 PM Dec 19 2008 |



damnzz man i wrote like  for 3 hours answers to all the questions  and  it says  you need to log in to  while i was logged in and  its all gone Yell grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

03:28 AM Dec 25 2008 |



this is the short version in 2 hours oke :P 


First of allAtaturk has  brought  secularism which means  religion and state are divided from eachother.

ataturk has  given the females woman rights even before europe.

now looking back at  sharia: when a  female gets raped  they need to have 4 withnesses to to become unguilty that the raper  gets punished. where in the world  does a raper rape in front of 4 man all the withnesses msut be  man and the females are not counted  at  withnesses. WHERE IS JUSTICE??? ISLAM IS JUSTICE  RIGHT ?? it is said that  man and woman are  equal like when u slice an apple  from the middle  one side is man other side is  a woman.. but why cant we see that in this case ?



an african imam is married with 89 womans. where is the womans right here ?? which female wants to be  a woman of  a 60 year old man and be the 89th woman. i dont believe that none ofthe female wants this with a free will. the imam has been judged to divorce   with its wifes and he can take only 4 or 5  of them ( u can read this in the internet) WHERE  IS THE FREE WILL TO CHOOSE WIT HTHE BRAINS WHICH ARE  GIVEN TO US BY ALLAH C.C. ? 


A girl is  in love with a  boy and she goes to the boys famiyl and want to get married. the girls  family took the girl bakc and did  RECM to her. RECM means  throwing stones to her till she dies that is the punnishment. I HAVE THIS  VIDEO PEOPLE i found it so sad and i get so angry   that i kept it.  they are kicking this young girl with their  foot to her face stomach etc  even i get soo angry  how people can hit  someone which is armless and defenceless. the girl is  laying on the ground at the street people dont stop continue   with hitting and knocking her  and throwing stones if that is not enough a man comes with a rock and hits  the girl with this rock and  the  ground is  turning into red  of the blood of  her  head or brains i dont know i couldnt even look any further. NOW IS THIS ISLAM ? IS THIS  RECM ? did  our  prohpet Muhammed s.a.v. approved something like this ?? he was so mercifull would he ever say yes to such animality like this? islam was a religion of peace and  happines and itnernal love, so what happened to all of that?  has that  female  not a change  for tovbe ? maybe and i think she must  have been wanted to marry with that boy in front of the imam but did she get the chance ? anybody wantsthis video let me know i can send it  its not on itnenet anymorei have searched for it but couldnt  find


i just want you guys to think about it 

secondly  who is  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk?


well first of all im not going to say somuch about him if someone  really wants to know  i have a linkfor u guys  

 Click here to read everything which is said about ATATURK


Iran shah visiting  ATATURK



when u all guys  have readed then we can continue  talking about him.

in this  picture ATATURK DINNER

 in this  picture  ther  are  32 kings and  62 presidents all around the world ?? now tell me  in which counrty  now and in the past has there been a dinner with 32 kings and 62 presidents at the same time ?? so u can udnerstand his importance.


he is the first statesman which has  congratulated Saudi arabia when saudi arabia was independent very important  point. u can find it on the itnernet.

 ataturk has made Turkey independent. turkey was a light for all the other countries that they could be independent. after turkey all the other  countries followed them. Ataturk was a supporter or indian muslims which are  now  Pakistan nation. ataturk has supported them very much u can find this also on the internet and he was a good friend of ikbali azaam aka muhammed ali jinnah. after this the other islamic republics has become independent one by one .

 When u know ataturk better u will understand also how great muslim he was in his heart.


in this picture at the front of canakkale (the dardanelle's more in the past  wher ethe horse of troy was)

 for every square meter there is 6000 bullets for every humady ther is 3000 bullets.  u can see the bullets how much there are.



 and this is for my  friends who might thinks that turkish people are kafir 

u see her before the warthey all know that they gonna die with the independence war. they are all praying and making dua to Allah .c.c. and they know that they all will be Sehit in a few hours.

i wrote this for the second time and it was a bit late.

i have correct it thnx egypt



comments are welcome

04:04 AM Dec 25 2008 |




Dear Yavus,
" and this is for my friends who said that turkish people are kafir "
but he didn't wrote that and i think u get him wrong coz he wrote:
"you might think all the people around you are Kafirs!"
and he admited first that they r muslims but Ataturk caused them to be away of their religion…and read the history…turky begin to know islam again thses last 20 yrs only before that islam was a strange in his country of caliphacy and the reason was ataturk and ask whom elder than u…
so our friend who from south africa was right…

06:34 AM Dec 25 2008 |