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Who saved Muhammeds(SAV)'s grave? Ataturk!




During the 1930's the king of Saudi Arabia began to demolish all the graves in the country because visiting the graves was a sin according to their beliefs. When it was time to demolish the grave of prophet Muhammed all of the muslims in Arabia request help from Mustafa Kemal Ataturk(great founder of Turkish Republic) and he sent a note to the king of Arabia saying if he have touched any stone of the Muhammed's grave he would pay really much worth of this behaviour (may be war or another thing). Then the grave is still there.. Now people are talking about that Ataturk was not a real muslim, he changed the state of country, stopped caliphate.. When we think about all the things, revolutions he had made there is no way besides obeying his way. He was a great man that all the public leaders Che Guavera, Fidel Castro or others walked with Ataturk's light. When Che was dead the book of Ataturk "Nutuk (speech)" was found in his bag. You can search this. If there is someone that we must try to understand that is Ataturk.

08:41 AM Nov 13 2008 |

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even they dont know it. ataturk was always shown a man which is not muslim and islamic. he was shown as anti islamic. but with the archives we see everyday a bit more that he was a true muslim with in his heart.

the thelegraph to saudi arabia to warn the king about the grave of Muhammed s.a.v. shows us that he gave very much about islam than anyone else at that time. cause he was the only one sending an thelegraph. an example of the thelegraph is inside the book of the military.

he even gets his orders while he was a soldier directly from the chaliphacy  Vahdeddin himself. Vahdeddin has sent ataturk to anatolia to reorganize the people. a week ago new letter was found in the archives that ataturk has sent to the chaliphacy to report the statue in anatolia. which we all didnt know. we all thought they too were enemies of eachother.  

abonden the chaliphacy. ataturk was a real democratic man. he didnt like that all the orders are oming from1 person so he wanted an democraticway. nowadays there is an islamic conference which has all members of the islamic countries. but they dont have a such power cause no one gives  so much value to them. but they are a kind of what ataturk wanted to give fetwa's by a group of people and not only 1 person. with this way the democracy would work and we wont have radical fetwa's but a comment fetwa's  of a number of group of  islamic head scientists.  for example  Usama bin laden he has bombed the twin towers for what? for cihad for islam for etc etc. and how many innocent lives were killed there??? who is supporting this kind of actions ? i dont ? but what if the chaliphacy was one person and like usama ?? but  when it is a group of poeple u get the way which is in the middle not to soft  not too radical…

i think the difference is yes the last 20 year turkey is start knowing islam as a human by themselves and understanding the meaning of it. they dont listen jsut to the imam and  just without thinking yes it is right. they are having discussions and udnerstands it. and believe by their heart. in the past when i had  questions about islam the only answer i get is. u may not think this way. it is evil,  youre faith is weak, u need to pray more u wont think about this. i mean i just have a question  about islam and i want to know an answer and im searching for it. they dont want u to hink about it  jsut stop thinking and start praying dont use youre brains ( which allah c.c. gave us to decide what is good and what is bad) just do what u are told to do.  i mean this aint islam just following what 1 person says. what if usama bin laden take the chaliphacy and announced it  by using force??  should we all go to cihad and war ?? at the end it is chaliphacys words and orders ….? please think once about it …

even the unbeleiving people will get judged and they will be told u have brains oke u are not born as a muslim but u had the brains to search for the right way. we are atthe right way but we are not allowed to search for questions we have. this was ATATURKS point in my opinion he wanted a nation to think about himself  about what they are believing and why they are believing. not just believing in islam because they are born with it and everybody around is a muslim no. believe and udnerstand everything and belive in their hearts and satisfied with al the questions they have for islam. 

we must not forget that the world is chanching daily. in the past it could be a good system to lead but nowadays the humans get even more smarter. i learned pc when i was 11 years old at school how to use a computer. when i was 11. now 14 years ago. msn i learned when i was 16 years old i learnedwhat it was. nowadays my nephies and nies which are 7 or 8  are chatting with me on msn. so we are changing.

and islam is a religion which suits always to the circumstances and time …

do u remember the the female which get also punished because she went to meet a friend which she met from internet and she get raped this was happened in egypt. and the fetwa of the court was, she shouldnt go there and get punishment and i dont know if the man has get a punishment. now where is the justice of islam here, where is woman rights ? do u found this fair for that woman??

i think the males are afraid of to give the womans right cause then they cannot do so much unlegal things anymore. now they feel more selfconvidenced if anything happened like she is a woman she can d anything to me. she cant  even find her hakk or hukuk to me cause im a man and she needs 4 whitnesses these are all true right ?? whati have mentioned before ? i didnt get any comment  about that ?



02:44 PM Dec 25 2008 |




hi Yavuz,
how r u man?
first thanks for ur comments
second i want to inform u somethings …first that the telegraphy is a fabricated story….nothing of that would happen … and the knig of suaui arabia knew islam better than ataturk ….and that indicate u take ur information directly without knowing the real of the matter or the nature of the area….may be i can find an ezcuse for u that is ur age..
but realy ataturk destroyed the islam of turky under some shining allegation….
he demolished islam from the minds… the islamic wake up in turkey is recent…after along dark period of atatorkian control….i remember that the government deal with the matter of sexual deseases by making medical checking for all prostitution houses!!!....who make the way to establish such those houses formally in the beggest islamic country…
is that the woman rights?!!!
i remember the nude women in glasses markets for atrracting ppl to shop!!...is this the woman rights that ataturk offered to turkish ppl!!!!
do u forget that Hijab is against the roles established by ataturk principles…
and the recent government could be thrown away for this case…in the capital of caliphacy which was the last unite for all muslims all over the world….
the problem of Islam that is the ignorance of his sons and the plot of his enemies..

08:20 AM Dec 26 2008 |



im fine thanks and i hope that u are also oke my friend,

i think my age doesn't matter  so much, because it is the knowledge of someone and his head how he thinks in the subjects. of course the age is also important for experience….

i have seen an copy of the thelegraph online and it was published by Prof.dr. Nevzat Yalcintas IF IM NOT MISTAKEN

ill try to find a copy of that thelegraph for u…  unless there is a proof yes u can take it as a gossip you are right i think in the same way as u without proof we are talking about something which can be true or fake…

by the way if king of saudi arabia is a real muslim why doesnt he do anything about the gazaa??? everybody knows that 60% of the world oil comes from arabia and he can do something about for this unfair case… they have to power to quit it if they want.

 i know that egypt gives help with it tunnels to them, turkey even was the first country who invited their politial party after they won the elections to acknowledge their government at the international area…

what did arabia do ? they are brothers from eachother right, the same race??? ( i dont want to make such differences like race cause were all 1 ummah (im sorry for that))

u said "he demolished islam from the minds… the islamic wake up in turkey is recent…after along dark period of atatorkian control…." this is  not true at all. this is the point is where the most people go in to the wrong way. thank u very much to pointing to this part. The people who take the power after ataturk they  did everything in the name of Ataturk. but those were not Ataturks idea at all. ill explain to u how Turkeys structure is, after that u can give youre comment or feedback.

Ataturk wanted people to think about everything what they did and not let ruled by someone which is saying this is true  or we must follow this way and all the people are going behind that 1 person without even thinking about it. This is not good!!! why?? because the person on head the leader he can be wrong or rigt  but it is never discussed. so the best thing is to discuss it and come to a common solution.  or else what will u have??  u will have people like islamic leaders  which are giving fatwa to die for something  for their case  and they will go to cennet suicide bombers  etc people get brainwashed why ?? because they are not thinking about  what they are doing if that is correct or  wrong. they just beleive what them are told and they are just doing it.

Ataturk wanted to all his nation to think about their own choices what they are going to make. so this makes every people in his nation a leader cause theyr are thinking and tryingto find a solution or an idea to find the best way to sovle a problem under mutual respect. In the past most things were not negotioable  u can not even say anything about a subject not even youre idea. why because there has been spoken or speech about by a islamic leader  or a fetwa has been given.( im talking not talking about Muhammd s.a.v.) i know this is a  very thin detail but u must think it from the good way. everything can be abused.

that is also whay they did  after the death of Ataturk. In turkey there is a minorty group which has a good study a higher education are the ones called the white Turks or Jon turks  or  burgousie. they are the rich ones who has money and political power to let everything do in Turkey. They were positioned in the most important places  and headfunctions of Turkey. those people have done everything to turkey to give it this image what some of u have it. all the years they used force such as military coups and other kind of coups to press the uneducated people to let them stay in their position. just work dont let them think to much about the problems what they say is walways right because they are educate in europe and over the world etc etc. but the point Ataturks fruits begin to gave  the other majority group start to study and get higher education they start to claim also the higher positions which the minority groups all had it in their hands. so the balance of the power of the minority group started to change. now the conflicts u see in Turkey is the conflicts between the minority and the majority  group who wants their rights and there freedom. and the people in the majority  group are all muslim by heart not fake. 

After the death of Ataturk a lot of  archives are destroyed and kept secret. it has always been told to us that Ataturk and the Chaliphacy were against eachother. a few  days  ago there has been a new file found that Ataturk send reports To the Chaliphacy about the statue in the anatolia. this was send by  Ataturk to the Chaliphacy. so they must be in the same line in stead of against eachother. thisfile has been deleted in the archives in Turkey. the researcher found a copy at on of the university in the United States. ill want u to think about this… 

everyday when there are more files getting opened and are getting in to the sunshine we see actually the real Ataturk what kind of person he was. what u all have seen and been told  are The way how the Minortiy group in Turkey wants to show ataturk in the international and national area. but the majority group keeps finding new archives which destroys their sayingand comments  about  Ataturk. i know this is a bit complicated and that u might not understand it all.

Ataturk was not against the hijab those rules were all made after Ataturk in the name of Ataturk thats the point why we all see this Leader so bad but in fact he isnt.

After Ataturk turkey has been ruled by 1 political party nd by one person, at that time they even had changed the Ezaan into turkish. so people hear the ezaan from the mosqeus in turkish and not in arabic. people weere really against it. but the president was a former general so people ouldnt do anything aboutit. after that time there has been more political parties. the democratic party came ahead to the government with its Head called ADNAN MENDERES he has changed a lot and turned the Ezaan to its core and it was allowed That Ezaan can be in arabic again. after a while there was a military coup and ADNAN MENDERES AND HIS MEN were all hanged up!!! now today still people  remind  ADNAN MENDERES AN ITS MENS WITH GREAT RESPECT. While they speak bad curses on the Military chef at that time and those people who had let them hung up. this is also a fact. yes its true we are not perfect. but the minorty group was really stong and nowadays they have lost their  power because the majority group has become stronger.  


another fact is Ataturk had made all friends with its neighbour countries. the people who came after them had all made  trouble withthem. till 1993 turkey had problems with greece with bulgaria, with armenia with irak with iran wirh syria with everyone.  how can this be happen??  the heads did it all because of their own power and money and keep turkey in a chaos.  Ataturk wasthe first statesman who congratulated Saudi arabia whit their new kingdom. after him ther was no diplomacy between saudi arabia and turkey for more than 50 years. till king abdullah came to turkey a few yaers ago. and they started again with close diplomacy.

about the prostitution. it is wrong i confirm that. but we all know that is been doing and that there is a big money around these businesses. in stead of keeping it unlegal and make bad people even more rich. so this people can even have in the future more money to do more. in stead of this giving it to the hands  of a few maffia people. and they are spreading diseases  like hiv  chlamidia etc. in stead of letting it done by them and uncontrolled so all the diseases can spread out. i think it is better that it is controlled  by the goverment than not controlling at all. and if there is no response by the people then it will closed by itself. when u say it is not allowed it will be done in secret and the disease will spread all over the country. i say again i know both is wrong. but under control of the goverment is better  than let it do uncontrolled.  or else what u will have is people are marrying for 1 day and the next day they are divorced. this is the system what iran using for prostitution. how they do it. and im sure iran never will know how many percent of their people are having diseases. for the prostitution there is a question for it and a demand. when there is no question it will stop by its own. Again people have to chance to think to go or not to go. and people which want to go they are protected by the government that they dont get a disease. what if they  tovbe and dont want to do such thing anymore they can still be clean with out a disease. and please dontforgetthe wifes they have and they dont know anything at all those persons are also protected this way and the children of them they will born with hiv disease of a stupidity of his dad or mother. they dont have anything to do with it all. so why should they have disease and live with it because ofthe  fault of some one else. i know even this is not good but it is the best of the wurst i think . i have give u examples of the other things so i leave it up to you my friend :). the females has still a choice for their own it is up to them what they choose for their lives. what is good for them and what not. i prefer people to be like how they are in stead of acting and being twofaces. wearing hijab and working as a prostitution. ataturk gave them the right to study and to do and become what they want if they use this chance or not, is their own decision. in saudi arabia the females are not allowed to drive car ? what is this driving a car ?? cant a females do that ?

yes the goverment could have been fallen, this is because of the balance what i told u earlier , but why cant tthey do it now ?? because the  powers  of the minority group is getting less  so they cannot control  over the majority  group of muslims  and underpressure them. Soon those problems will be over too and then it is unstopable.

I am sure that what is told now about the why its ended and how etc with which reasons there must be a good reason but will know that also later when we have more information and archives about it.

im not gonna ask youre age or blame anything to youre age. i respect youre minds and youre thinkings no matter how old u are. i hope i could have give some perspectives from some other vieuws to this subject.

can u find for me where it is written clearly that females must wear a hijab maybe an Ayet.?

selamun aleykum….


05:24 PM Dec 27 2008 |




ooooh, it is too too long friend….u wanna me not to replyWink.
no i'll try some…as u mentioned before we r one ummah…that is true that what i want to say to all muslims here….and i ve explained why all muslims regime didn't move so i wish to return to my other topics or at least the topic about the turkish female Liela sahin who is prevented to enter unevrsty coz she want to wear Hijab which contradict with the ataturkian laws…who u said "Ataturk wanted people to think about everything what they did and not let ruled by someone which is saying this is true or we must follow this way and all the people are going behind that 1 person without even thinking about it. This is not good!!! why??"
she thought and choose to wear hijab but prevented coz he said no…..he prevent her to obey Allah's role and obey his role…...thus we return to ur sentence"ruled by someone which is saying this is true or we must follow this way and all the people are going behind that 1 person without even thinking about it. This is not good!!!..............................
she can't wear hijab in the capital of caliphacy and wear it in Viene and continue her study…...what a shame on us muslims!!!!
"by the way if king of saudi arabia is a real muslim why doesnt he do anything about the gazaa???"
"i know that egypt gives help with it tunnels to them"
sorry friend to say that these sentences show lack of knowledge coz egypt prevent tunnels and cooperate with israeel in that point!!!!....second the king like any presednt of all islamic countries….
third i respect two presednts only MAHATEER MUHAMED (MALYSIA) AND ARDOGAN ( TURKEY)
THOUGH the king of saudia know his religion than ataturk thouthand times and impossible to destroy the tomp of the prophet …any one will hear that fabricated story will laugh a lot….believe me …..
about the ayat of hijab…IT is so famouse ..how u don't know it?...at all evnts  it is:-
"O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognised and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful. (33:59)
at the end i hope i ve replied some of ur questions and i'm happy to debate with a respectfull man like u brother
wa alykom el salam wa rahmat Allah wa barakatu…

01:07 PM Dec 28 2008 |




 Wtf ru talking about? You arabs don't know anything, you only believe these stupid things because that's what you are taught in your schools. First of all Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in the Greek city of Salonik of the Ottoman Empire (current day Thessaloniki in Greece), so yes he was born in a Greek city but both his father, Ali Riza Efendi and Zubeyde Hanim were 100% muslim and therefore so was Ataturk so stop spreading these lies that he was a Greek and Jewish don't be stupid and ignorant. Just because you arabs don't like him doesn't mean that the rest of the world feels the same way. 

04:13 AM Jul 18 2009 |



That last message was directed at Matrix's ignorant comments that Ataturk was a Jewish man born in Greece.

04:34 AM Jul 18 2009 |




but PROUD,

didn't u notice that why we muslims (not only arab) love Erdogan and don't like Ataturk?

btw, don't say arab or non arab, we r all muslims whatever the race , color or any thing as Islam taught us…

and also for knowledge, the subject of the topic is completly false propaganda for Ataturk…to make muslims love him….but we will not coz he against islam rules like nearly all arabic rulers now….

09:12 AM Jul 18 2009 |




Osesame Where did u receive information that  Atatürk obey hijab??      About hijabİn turkey first time Hijab was forbiden in 12 september 1980 because of military coup in the name of AtatürkNow only hijab is prohibited in public areas, (unıversity and public job areas)According to searchs, because of hijab  rate of women cannot go to uni is only  %1 You know so well, that what do people do in the name of Allah???Besides Atatürk ’s mother and wife and sister was with hijab..

İn the time of Atatürk, most people who support Atatürk was with hijab or nigab..

Atatürk’s sister and mother


Atatürk’s wife


About secularism:People with hijab can go where they want because of secularısm in turkey.(to concerts, to cinema, cafes…)İf there is no secularism in turkey, we could be like iran or Suudi arabistan…  We can see forbids in iran and Suudi arabia  —in Suudi Arabistan go to cınema have prohibited for 30 years.thıs bads have finished but ONLY MEN-women cannot drive a car even…Of course, thıs inhibitions can differents according to region or state in Suudi arabistan…  You’ll say “oooh noooo, because of west media”Suppose, you have no information ahmedinejad’s bads against women… İ respect two presedent only mahateer Muhammed (malesia) and ardogan (turkey)Hahaahaheven Erdoğan talk about Atatürk in him sentences anymore , “we’re walking on way Atatürk want “     Turkey begin to know İslam again these last 20 years   İn history of turkish , first time Atatürk had big scholar translated Quran to türkish…him name is Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır…this translation is the most reading QURAN in turkey now.                              As whom elder than uToday still most people with scarf says Atatürk is best leader…...   İt look like strange to people  Atatürk do not use İslam as tool in order to recaive him targets….governments have no religion, people have religion…. when a african imam is married with 89 women or muslım king is married with 30 women,it did not look like strange to people…            or  everyday muslım king say “ we hate usa and zionist”but we see in newspaper “king and usa’s president make contract new oil agrement “          or a member in forum will say “ wrong information, because of west media “   if Atatürk  had done like that, i’m sure all muslım  “” oooohh ,,,yesss, Atatürk is real muslım””” J  i remember that the government deal with the matter of sexual deseases by making by making medical checking for all prostution housesas you know,every country has people who do by use in name of any religion and Allah   isn ‘ t a adultery  to a  arab king  married 30 women ??   we muslım (not only arab ) don’t like Atatürk aahhh, i feeled so  sad, i want to cry…..;) if possible , do not love Atatürk especially even turkey we saw  arabs fight against turkish and ottoman empire  in ww1 (together christina england)...    Some muslım want to only to  show respect to themselves.but they do not want to respect to others You have 2 options: 1)do not angry to them when anyone comment bad about İslam and muslım..  2)do not comment about subject you do not know and shut up      For  muslım women cannot decide about how to wear and behavior in social life, tell women about it.  

04:17 PM Jul 18 2009 |