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What do you think about JDrama???

Japanese & Korean LOVER

Saudi Arabia

Hi..For me I love JDrama so much especially "Hana Yori Dango","Summer Snow", and all JDrama that has Oguri Shun-San…....What do you really think of JDrama??,and what do you really think of Oguri Shun-San??, for me he is SOOOOOO HOT…..........

02:07 PM Mar 14 2007 |

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Japanese & Korean LOVER

Saudi Arabia


I'm really disappointed.No one loves Japanese Drama…..

Why don't you tell me about the JDrama you saw????

hope to get replies soooooon

04:06 PM Mar 24 2007 |



United Kingdom

Hi~ i ve seen lots of j-dramas. i saw the drama Hana Yori Dango only 1 set. cuz its not good to me. but, summer snow really awesome. as i was watching the it, i was  almost cry. really so sad drama. have you ever seen the drama "One Liter of Tears"? its the similar type with summer snow. these dramas have a asian (may be far eastern asian??) emotion&concept which other people cant understand… im not sure.

recently, i saw  "the Nodame Cantabile", comedy drama. its so really fun.and this has made me closer to classical music. this is the best j- rama in 2006, i think so.

09:23 AM Mar 25 2007 |



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07:01 PM Mar 25 2007 |

Japanese & Korean LOVER

Saudi Arabia

Hi all…..

Thank you for your replies….

Yes I've seen " One Liter of Tears" and I cried while I was watching it…..

I haven't seen " The Nodame Cantabile" ,but I'll search for it…....

Thanks again for your replies…

09:39 PM Mar 25 2007 |

Japanese & Korean LOVER

Saudi Arabia

Hi everybody…...

please reply…

Have anyone seen the JDrama "Nana" ??........

Then tell me about any other JDrama that you have seen????????

hope to get replies soon….....

09:54 PM Mar 26 2007 |




for my points of views. korean and japanease drama was exiting and excitement..i loove to wacth.why i said that..first time i wacthed winter sonata korean drama its was so nice and start form that i always find out the others drama form korea and japan..anyway my friends often watching that drama from tha country.

02:00 AM Mar 27 2007 |



Russian Federation

Hi! I very like watching JDramas. The first drama, which i saw it was being Hana Yori Dango.

12:46 PM Nov 08 2008 |

Mapleleaf Man


It's funny but I watch Japanese TV all the time. That's mainly because I have a very close Japanese friend and I want to understand her culture and language. BUT! I watch the shows in Japanese. I don't understand anything about the Japanese language but I love the shows. I try to figure out what is going on in the dramas anyway, so it's fun. (I like the cooking shows too!)

01:53 AM Nov 09 2008 |




I'm also like J/K Drama too but not too deep I prefer HK drama lol.

Now I like "the Dragon" it's about the surgery team in Japan it's on TV show in Thailand but I think I'm gonna find DVD for myself.

"Hanayori Dango" I like Rui and Sukishi Cool

03:13 PM Nov 09 2008 |






03:35 PM Nov 09 2008 |