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5 lies about the Israeli operation against Hamas in Gaza



United Kingdom

Given how many times I hear these, this article from the Haaretz is perfect:

Leftist 1: Israel's true motive in bombing Gaza, is genocide against the Palestinian people and extermination of their right to statehood.
Israel's genuine interest in this campaign is strikingly similar to Hamas' interest in firing scores of rockets into Israeli population centers: Forcing a cease-fire on better terms than the one just ended.
For Hamas, this largely means easing Israeli economic sanctions against Gazans. For Israel, this centers on ending shelling by Qassam and Grad missiles and mortar shells. For both sides, this means a prisoner exchange, centering on Gilad Shalit and hundreds of jailed Hamas members.

Leftist 2: The Palestinians have no recourse but to defend themselves, and the makeshift rockets they fire are nothing compared to the world's most advanced warplanes and munitions, which the IDF is using against them.

The Human Rights Watch organization has been unequivocal in condemning the use of Qassam rockets as a direct violation of international humanitarian law and the laws of war. The firing of Qassams and mortars against civilian populations also
constitutes collective punishment
against hundreds of thousands of innocent Israeli men, women and children.

Moreover, the firing of Qassams began not as a response to the siege against Gaza, but as a marathon celebration by armed Islamic fundamentalist groups following Israel's withdrawal of its troops and settlers from the Strip. To purposely add insult to injury, Islamic Jihad and other organizations used the ruins of settlements as launch platforms.

Leftist 3: All that Hamas is asking, is recognition as the democratically elected government of Gaza, and an end to the Israeli economic embargo. Were they to attain these goals, there would be calm on both sides of the border.

It is both unrealistic and dangerous to believe that Hamas has abandoned its clearly stated and often reiterated goal of establishing an Islamic Palestinian state in all of the Holy Land, including all land claimed, annexed by, or in any way occupied by Israel.

Beyond that, Hamas has strong alliances with the Egyptian opposition Muslim brotherhood, as well as working partnerships with the Iran-dominated Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.

Israeli restraint, when practiced, has been met with contempt and additional Hamas and Hamas-tolerated strikes against civilian populations.

Leftist 4: The Israeli blockade against Hamas is state terrorism and any means to fight it are legitimate.

There is every reason to believe that Israel's economic siege against Gaza is misguided, but not for an essential cruelty, rather because Hamas taxes collected on the influx of goods imported through tunnels from Egyptian territory have subsidized and cemented Hamas rule.

Leftist 5: The world overwhelmingly sympathizes with the Palestinians against Israel, and unreservedly backs their struggle for independence.

In an era of global revulsion against radical Islamic terror, Hamas' protracted program of suicide bombings, drive-by murders and shelling of civilian populations, coupled with its refusal to renounce violence, recognize Israel, or accept past peace agreements, coupled with its ideology of militant jihad, have drained the Palestinians of international sympathy and have, in fact, legitimized Israeli arguments of military self-defense.

Nothing has been more instrumental in harming the cause of Palestinian independence than Hamas, with its brutal take-over of Gaza in a war with brother Palestinians, and its frank efforts to build a large-scale regular army force in the Strip.


A short video to show the background of this conflict:


Background: Gaza and Cast Lead 6 Jan. 2009










World Map by degree of freedom from the NGO Freedom House:



01:53 PM Jan 09 2009 |

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we didn't see Hamas killed 280 child !!!!!!!!!

or 800 person

or 90 woman >>>>???  


plz wake up and see the truth

and don't try to chage the fact


02:10 PM Jan 09 2009 |




Now for some facts about the conflict from 2000-2008

The overwhelming majority of those killed have been men: for Israelis, including IDF personnel, 69% were men, for Palestinians 94% were men.


Children reflect these gender ratios: 87% of Palestinian children killed, for example, were boys and 13% were girls. 

Palestinian children make up 20% of the total Palestinian deaths while Israeli children represent 12% of total Israeli deaths. 

Amongst Israelis, 69% of those killed were civilians and 31% members of the IDF

Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces,  59% were civilians and 41% were engaged in hostilities at the time of their death.

 An over whelming 4200 people killed were Palestinians, and 1100 were from Israel.


Well before people call me  a liar, these are UN figures. 

I am ready to post the link if requested.

03:58 PM Jan 09 2009 |



United Kingdom

Point out ONE lie.

11:24 PM Jan 10 2009 |



United Kingdom

Still not one.

12:25 AM Jan 13 2009 |

abouda ddd

Syrian Arab Republic

the U.K started the war in the middle east when it insisted on making a zionest body on the Arabic lands,driving the true citizen out of there lands and killing who said no.don't the world remember how israel was created, don't the world have history book,don't the world remember the Hagana gang…..,dont it remember der yasseen massacre

israel is illegal entity was exist in 1948 by the U.K and every thing come out it is illegal.

how ever the injustice one of the human habit.

01:07 AM Jan 13 2009 |



United Kingdom

And you're one of the voices that prevents peace.

Don't be surprised when you attack, and Israel defends itself.

Maybe that's why Syria hasn't got is Golan back.

06:06 PM Jan 13 2009 |




Israel is the first and biggest lie!

Before 1948, there is nothing called Israel and now u say that u have a country and u defend ur territory. U have no country, no territory. It is the territory of palestinians. Stop lies please and keep the land to their indigenous!

03:35 PM Jan 14 2009 |



United Kingdom

Israel IS there, whether you like it or not. So honestly your point is ridiculousand unhekpful.  It is a country, and most (non-Arab, non-Muslim) countries recognize it. You WISH it wasn't a country.

By saying that Israel doesn't exist, you twist the facts into arguing that Israel doesn't have any right to self-defence, even when attacked. 

03:40 PM Jan 14 2009 |




If i have a tumour, I will try to displant it. I think this is a very logical reaction. 

03:56 PM Jan 14 2009 |