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Life Talk!

Otoozoki wrote Where is israeel before 1945?




Otoozoki wrote

i ve a quiz….

This map is dated 1945….what country does it show?

can u spot a country called Israel?

by the way, otoozoki is not arab at all and don't belong to Hamas alsoSurprised...least an intllegant man come and say she belongs to Hamas:)

i hope her effort clear the equation…

08:23 PM Jan 09 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia


thank u  for putting new topic for this fact

also thanks alot otooziki

I am standing unable to thank u enough

u show the fact by history

this fact all the world know it

but some people trying to hidden it :)

ur search very effect

My Allah bless u

08:35 PM Jan 09 2009 |




i wounder , the truth is clear then why some ppl can't see it?....

i think these days , there is no princibles…who has the power, has the right to do any thing, say anything even if that contradct the fact completly and clearly and no one can object….as we see in the UN security ..all the nations deny what is going from israel but when America-mother of israel- said NO…all low their heads….and can't utter a word least The Great Power offended of himSealed


08:46 PM Jan 09 2009 |




The news didn’t said anything about the us rejection. The us just took an abstain stance. It’s quite different u know.

09:06 PM Jan 09 2009 |




The news didn’t said anything about the us rejection. The us just took an abstain stance. It’s quite different u know.

09:07 PM Jan 09 2009 |




dear, that was the first time if u follow the news u will see that…..and what u wrote is the second time….coz it can't stand hide its ugly face ….also with ugly status by abstain stance…

09:11 PM Jan 09 2009 |

The Secret

The Secret


when I was studying in high school 

my teacher of Geography told us about that

there wasn't country called Israel

but they stolen Palestin  because Palestinians weeker and haven't tanks like them

also now in university

the Professor last week we was discusses about the wars

and he talk about Palestin and Israel

he waw very angry for what happen now

he studied the history and told us about the fact

I don't know why the world didn't help Palestinians

it's their country

don't said Hamas which started

even if Hamas start the was they have rights

Israel stolen their country and change it's name

although every thing they didn't stop when they stolen it

they killed their children in terrible way

don't say Hamas in houses or use them as shield

we are not stupid to believe this

what about men who Israel collected them in house and killed them by boming ?
what about the child who killed her family in front of her eyes Oh I became sick after watching her in you tube I think now these girl become crazy

what about the child who was walking in street then they killed him

is the child had Hamas in his clothings ?? 


10:30 PM Jan 09 2009 |



United Kingdom

Thanks Osesame, and Just-girl …you are so kind…..(you warm my heart, thankyou xx)

Yes I am just an ordinary white english housewife, no religion, I returned to university to improve my life …

I think people in the west do not understand politics as much as they do in the Middle East? But that is a bit general…

I study International Relations, and they teach us to open our minds, question everything, look at the world in a balanced way….they help us to understand the real cause of 'terrorism' – injustice, capitalism, imperialism, etc

When I was younger I studied Economics – I left the course – why? – because we had to conform to the western capitalist view … I dared to write in my essay about communism – I was told it was wrong…

A lot of people in the UK don't like politics, they believe the distorted information they receive, etc, they don't understand why people are killing each other, they don't  understand why there are terrorist attacks. They give generously to charity to help people abroad, but they don't ask why the world needs that charity…They hear language like fundamentalism, islamist militants, etc, and it paints a picture in their minds…..

I think it is important to find a way of opening their minds so they can make their mind up. They are ordinary people like me, in my town, my country ….

The people with power and money can shape opinions with their propoganda….so how can we change that?

We need to find a method … we don't need to resort to propoganda….if people could see the reality they could make their own minds up freely ….

07:38 PM Jan 10 2009 |



United Kingdom

Sorry I just want to add….

I think there is another war – the war for sympathy and solidarity and support….you could say a public relations war…..

I think Israel is losing ….for example ….I have a youtube video…..there have been 22 comments – only 2 commentators on the side of Israel!!!


I think we should write in forums, comment on videos, comments on 'have your say' columns on media sites, we need our own website? We need to fight this propoganda war? and win!!!

What do you think? What can we do? What power can we find for ourselves?

07:53 PM Jan 10 2009 |




Thanks helen for showing this map.

09:43 PM Jan 10 2009 |



United Kingdom

Stupid question:

There was no Israel before 1948.

The dream of the return of the Jewish people to their homeland was however kept alive since they were forced into exile by the Romans.


There was no Palestinian state either. and never has been.

11:28 PM Jan 10 2009 |