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Life Talk!

I didn't said any thing !! that's what Jews said .....

The Secret

The Secret



 During my tour  in  websites I saw this  , it's demonstrations  in New york streets by Jews  , they want to tell the world  about the different between Jews and zionists .
they disagree with the war in palestine

I leave you with pictures of the demonstrations



The demands of the Torah
Palestinians return to  their country Palestine



Jewish condemns Zionism 

 We are against Israel because we are Jews


07:40 PM Jan 11 2009 |

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only girl


the sun will rise soon and the truth will come finally ..


thank u the secrt

07:49 PM Jan 11 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Indeed! :)

08:34 PM Jan 11 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

This is so good. I have previously posted a video of a jew guy who says the same thing..
As only girl said, the sun will rise soon…
Hope all the world sees those pictures, thanks The Secret,
By the way, special thanks to Brazil for sending medicine to Gaza :) I heared that in the news, once I heared ‘Brazil’ I remembered you

08:43 PM Jan 11 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thx a lot the secret !

11:08 PM Jan 11 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

thanks man:)
                                                                   maybe !!

02:30 AM Jan 12 2009 |




yeah…I think it so. I ever read a novel title "My Salwa , My Palestine"  author by…(sorry forgot, but the author is  palestinian). that novel tell us about friendship among Moslem, christian and jewish in Palestin. but Zionist broke its friendship. the point is : not all jewish is zionist.

06:54 AM Jan 12 2009 |

The Secret

The Secret


thanks guy

I am busy today I will come back and comment

09:05 PM Jan 12 2009 |



United Kingdom

The pictures are of the NK.

A minority of ultra-Orthodox Jews that don't accept Zionism or the Israel. There are a few hundre of them.

They don't form anything more than a tiny crazy minority that have more friends among Palestinian activists, Islamist Iran and extreme leftists, than among their fellow Jews. 

I met some of them when I was in New York. Let's say that most Jews hate them.

12:01 AM Jan 13 2009 |



United Kingdom

What's funny is is that all of the people on this site that hate Jews, make an exception for these people.

'We hate all Jews, unless you're the NK, who agree with us.'

12:02 AM Jan 13 2009 |