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Life Talk!

I hate u E-baby! (or my enemies in e-baby)




Why did u delete my old membership..

I lost my firends..

My important mails…

my comments…


What did i do? or write? or meant?


I hate U!!!  I did nothing against you…


But maybe some of my enemies deleted me..hacked me!


Hell of them..Dawn!


U can delete me again..! I already won't support this site after now! today!,


I let u delete me again..

To be diffirent wasn't my choice! :P

06:51 PM Jan 16 2009 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

If people tried to get you down .. just walk on by don`t turn around just smile and let it go :) 

don`t worry my friend .. what matters is in people`s hearts and memories ..not simple words .. it is so much more than this

let them try as they might  to put you down .. all the effort will be in vain .. cause it will only make you so much stronger :) 

You are here to stay .. and you in all ur friends hearts and soul :) 

we are behind you :D let them try their best ^^

07:02 PM Jan 16 2009 |




yeaa  BLİNK u r right..but i am r,ght..i did nothing…..

with this nick, i won't use e-baby rightly and respectly..


07:04 PM Jan 16 2009 |




Abdoo…Thanks… but i really loset my important mails…,

when i was a new member here, my 1. friends has sent me some mails and comments.. I was still having them..Never deleted..


I really care something like them..History is important for me.. I always need see my old days, months, years…

Always try to see how i am now..better or worse..


But now i lost all things :((


07:06 PM Jan 16 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

No one can delete your membership except you ~ because there is an option in your profile gives you the freedom to either stay a member in this site or to delete your membership.


I think you should try again to log on via your old nickname and if you couldn't access then contact the administration.

08:50 PM Jan 16 2009 |




Here you come again…but you have no friends listLaughing

 I wonder what an error was that!

08:59 PM Jan 16 2009 |




Welcome back =) Even you seem to be not welcomed =)

10:53 PM Jan 16 2009 |




U smtimes make a controversial statement as usual sibel. Just like me. :p
So get used to with harsh talking and such rude conversation. But I think u can live with it. Right? Cheer up girl..

11:23 PM Jan 16 2009 |




Can that be happening?CIC…so that why you're not arrounds for a while…..but just a while a go your old posting profile is came back again….but cic..i don't think its ebaby that cause it, it because they have that friendship thought as their definitions..others i don't know..but i am soo glad that you're back…

01:12 AM Jan 17 2009 |



Actually it is posble 4 othrs 2 delete an id,if 2 or more users reports abuse against a certain id ,the authorities block that id 4rm any furthr functions,so that mi8 have happnd,bt its highly unlikely as most ppl dnt knw ths as they dnt read the terms…

05:56 AM Jan 17 2009 |