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Long distance relationship




Hi friends!

I wonder if someone of you ever had long distance relationships? May be your boyfriend/girlfriend or even husband/wife lives in another city or another country. How do you feel in this case? Does your love become stronger? Or maybe you feel that you are growing apart?

How to keep love when you don't see each other for a long time?


09:30 PM Jan 19 2009 |

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Some years ago I believed in it, but….........No love, no happiness . Now I understand that it was self- deception.For him I was just like a toy.It is a bitter experience, but nevertheless I'm not sorry for that.It made me stronger .

10:09 PM Jan 21 2009 |



I think also. it's very interesting for every one .some time i believed. but it is a difficult.

03:01 AM Jan 22 2009 |



Hi everybody,

 At this moment I am in a long distance relationship, my gf and me have been for 8 months without see each other, I am in Australia and she in Colombia, and we could be separated at least for 1 and a half years more. Is hard, I miss her so much, but we have made our relation stronger, we write to each other every day, try to meet by messenger, send photos, talk about what happen in our life every day, so we keep a good comunication to feel closer. We dream of be togheter again and work hard to make it true.

Long distance relationship is possible as long you believe is possible and work to keep alive the feelings and the hope to see her/him again

04:18 AM Jan 22 2009 |



Hong Kong


I do love to have a sort of those relationship, not seriously. On EBaby, we can do it!! CoolXD

I wanna have a honey, and ready to kiss me any time~~=_=



11:37 AM Jan 22 2009 |



Russian Federation

right now i experience exactly such relationships))

my bf lives in another country.. and to meet each other we should get over the Baltic Sea..

but u know.. nothing will happen, if you love each other.. cause love is that key, which opens any doors.. love is that help, which you need while solving problems.. love is everything.. and if you succeed in keeping this feeling all the time, then you will win..

no distance, no time, no nothing will disturb you to be together..<3

01:47 PM Jan 23 2009 |

anoud malkawi


acually im not keen on making relationships because it really wont last for the etarnity wich means that the persons who have a relationships will lose each other in any way so they wont gain any thing i dont think that its important to have a love in your life keep it as a soft relationship i guess this is better than felling in love and live like the angel at the first and live in a tragedy for the rest of your life unless you get married that is diffrent coz you can trust each other more !!!!!!!!!

why dont you comment on my opinion down and tell me  your opinion about my thought

02:23 PM Jan 23 2009 |



Russian Federation

Anoud.. honestly.. u r not in that age to be able to discuss serious relationships.. im not trying to offend you or smth.. just try to understand.. u have the whole life ahead.. every year smth will be changed.. and what u r saying now, can be completely different in couple of years or even earlier.. 

and so far, seems like u got hurt by someone and lost ur belief in love and true feelings.. 

just plz, don't be angry.. u will get everything when the time comes ..

take care.. 

02:48 PM Jan 23 2009 |



Russian Federation

She just didn’t love you enough much to endure all the problems..

09:09 PM Jan 23 2009 |




I've heard that separation is like a wind – blows out a candle but fans a fire. If your love is like a fire it becomes even stronger when you are separated.

It depends on person anyway. Everyone's opinion can be right.

In my opinion long distance relationship is possible in condition you will meet finally.


10:02 PM Jan 23 2009 |