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Be Peruvian it's a CRIME??? COME ON LEAVE A COMMENT!!!



I write this post because in all the world there are many people who discriminate against Peruvians. I know some Peruvians are Thieves, Swindlers, Drug addicts, Alcoholics, Smoking, Corruption, Terrorism, Bad government (It's a pitty, in all the world exist thats persons not only in Peru!!!).The people can not generalize!!!. Here in Peru the most are friendly and kindly. The people can't say Peruvians are the most bad in the world or Peruvians are losers or for last some Peruvian have all the bad things. Here in e-baby are many people when you would like be your friend. These people decline your friend request (i have 65 rejected invitations). And when other people add you in msn, then you speak with them and you say "I'm from Peru" them finishing erasing you.I can assure you would like to see you can ask to my friends of here!!!. I'm a good person =).I'm friendly and kindly. If you  I like make new friends and learn many languages :D. I like all kind of music (even in many languages =) ) but more Oldies (rock 80's,retro and billboard 60's).
Now all the world are in crisis except Peru fortunately, because Peru have manyyy food, many resources and many feedstock!!.WE HAVE MANY FISH :D:D IN OUR COUNTRY WE HAVE 200 MILES BUT I HATE WHEN OTHER COUNTRIES GO INSIDE OUR 200 MILES AND STOLE OUR FISH WITH THEIR FACTORY SHIPS!!!!!! (FOR EXAMPLE RUSSIA, USA, ETC) THAT COUNTRIES SHOULD BUY OUR FISH!! NO STOLE!!!.You must give thanks for the food they eat every day as some are Peruvian!!!. The potatoe are Peruvian!!! The best lemon is the Peruvian!!!.It's a pitty that a country so rich in resources have a poor people!!! I'm not rich or poor, just a medium class people now (before i was poor) now there are 50% of poor).If you someday wanna visit Peru (I hope =) ) you will notice how amazing it is that country!!! Have many: have all climates of the world (Here are food in all the year), you can live in a climate that you like!!!.In Peru we have snow yes snow but not in the capital!!. we don't have tornados and hurrican only little tremors =). Here are many tourism!! You should visit Machupicchu, it's a one of seven wonderfuls. I don't wanna say "Peru is the best country" only want you know recognize that although "we are a developing country " we have many good things!!! and many creativity!!!. You can addme and see a one different person. My e-mail is: andres_lsanchez@live.com

04:15 AM Feb 01 2009 |

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Only I know that Peru money is a lie at our country.


12:20 PM Feb 01 2009 |



I've met some Peruvians both here inColombia and in the US and they've all been great. Many of my Colombian friends have been there and have nothing but nice things to say about the people and the country. I've never heard any bad comments about the people. 


I hope to visit when I am able.

03:07 PM Feb 01 2009 |



United States

I've heard that Peruvian women can get really angry sometimes. 


Never really  associated Peru with crimes though, mostly just with Macchu Picchu.

03:24 PM Feb 01 2009 |




I agree with u :))

Bad ppl are just bad!!

they are not muslim, Peruvian, Christian, Israilian, German,... ... ...

and i really love everyone.. I believe everyone has a good part in their characher and heart!

Just stupids can't see it!


dont see it a problem for you dear firend Sentinel2008! U just tr yto be a nice person here..and i am sure ppl will like u. then if they hated Peruvians before, they will getting love them :)

Why >> Just becoz of ur good heart :)

I am a Kurd… ppl call me ''TERRORIST'' :)

I was worried before, :) but not never hear their that stupidly sentence :)

If seeing me terrorist, will make u happy, OK dear firend U can call me so! :))


But i know me very well.. But best firends know me well..

I believe i didn't do anything bad.. I didn't damage others..

Soooo everyone can call me everything they want :)



Also i have never heard that ppl say bad about Peruvians.. In fact i dont know much thing about them (culture, life, climate, agriculture, ... .. tradition.. .. ..)

but i will search… then I am sure i will find a lot of good things about ur country and nation…


Little Terrorist girl Sibel loves  Peruvians! :))


03:28 PM Feb 01 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Actually I know that Peru is a country with rich natural resourses;they have ancient and great culture.

they have strong family and nieghbors relations.

They have the best potato on the earth:)

But unfortionatly the media and the American movies contributed to this image of the countries of Latin America.

In Americn moveie,which all people like,Latin americans are poor,thieves,and drug sellers.

As it does with other cultures like muslims and Arabs.Then they have to prove that they are good people.

So,thanks to the American movies it teaches alot


08:16 PM Feb 01 2009 |

Yuli^ ^

Yuli^ ^


PERU IS AWESOME! well Sentinel2008: i have never felt discriminated in ebaby! hehe but if any time it happens i could defend to my country:Peru hehe

i am very proud of being peruvian if i sometimes travel to another country i will assure me giving a good example.

Peru= calm people+pacific country+too many exotic animals+many natural resources+beautiful landscapes+no hurrican or storm only little tremor which make u laugh ^^ = a NICE COUNTRY

thank to god for borning in Peru =)

10:13 PM Feb 01 2009 |

Yuli^ ^

Yuli^ ^


This is "Machu Picchu" one of the 7 wonders of the world…You should know it =) i went to there the last year. it was a great adventure. This is a great place i can assure u. Many foreign people come to here. what do u wait? hehe Wink

10:17 PM Feb 01 2009 |

Yuli^ ^

Yuli^ ^


This is the center of Lima (Lima = the capital of Peru) Cool

10:34 PM Feb 01 2009 |



yes :D:D i'm proud be Peruvian :D:D

10:52 PM Feb 01 2009 |