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Life Talk!

What do you know about Uruguay?




I want to hear you, because it seems everybody know nothing =P


A beach in Punta del Este luxury touristic city in Maldonado. Turistic calpital city of MerCoSur (European Union of the South American countries)

Cabo Polonio, A virgin place, where there are just a few natural hotels, where you can stay. It is made for people to relax and get far away from everything.

This building is called Casa Pueblo, in Portezuelo, a nice village near the sea 

Legislative Palace, in Montevideo, my hometown. A historical luxury building (the roof is made with pure gold), Now the parliament works there

Teatro Solis in Montevideo, one of the most important theaters in Latin America

Independence Square in Montevideo, the center of the country. In the picture you can see Artigas, our national hero. And in the back there is a building that used to be the highest building in Latin America



Telecomunication Tower, also in Montevideo, I think comments are not needed!


Natural hot springs in Salto

Rural Uruguay in Ribera


Puma Water Font, in Minas (Salus Park)

Colonia del Sacramento  a historical city that shows the old wars between Spain and Portugal, which both wanted to conquer Uruguay



Nueva Helvecia  My favourite Uruguayan town, it is in the Colonia department and almost all people there are descendent of Swiss people, but there are also Austriac and German.

Pilsen Rock Festival in Durazno (done every year)


And the best! In Uruguay every kid has his own laptop! 1st country in the world


 Some Information

* It is in the south of Brazil and the east of Argentina.

* We belong to the occidental-world and it is an upper income country, with high quality of life.

* Population is 90% of european ancestry and 10% of european mixed with african and indigenous

* It is the 2nd country with less corruption in the Americas (first is Canada)

* Montevideo (the capital city) is one of the 30 capital cities with less crime in the world.

* 3 million of population so not crowded places.



12:36 AM Feb 15 2009 |

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I didn't know too much until you started telling us about it. Now I really want to visit. Your country sounds terrific and beutiful. I want to try mate also. 


But really, Santiago can you honestly et too much beef? i think not. especilly that fine Argentine beef so nearby.  

04:04 AM Jul 25 2009 |




Thanks a lot miguepani, so you have been here, good :D I also have been to Argentina :)

gkissberth, the average uruguayan eat meat from 10 to 13 times a week, but i usually have it from 6 to 10 times a week xD. You should try uruguayan meat, it is wonderful :D

Anyway, most of foreigners don't like mate xD It is bitter, but you  can add sugar, and it is better. People here have mate everywhere, in the bus, in the station, in the stadium, in friend house, in the school, in the work and so on xD

By the way, Dulce de leche is my favourite dessert :P argg… Now i am gonna have more dulce de leche… really it is addictive xD


08:22 PM Jul 25 2009 |



What i know about Uruguay was only Recoba and Forlan:D

i have learned sth about your country and i liked pictures.

one day i want to travel there.


11:30 PM Jul 25 2009 |



Colombians eat a lot of meat too. The Llanos east of Bogota are full of ranches.They eat a lot of chicken and pork, too, along whith chorizo, morcilla, chicharron, and more.


I bought some dulce de leche at the market, today. Here it's called arequipe.  

11:44 PM Jul 25 2009 |

BestLuck2Bedoon :)


I rarely heard about your country in news. Maybe ur country is always good, and no any bad situations happen, so your country was not reported.  I think most of news always report the bad situations such as wars, bombs, storms or something like this.  However, I heard about your football team, even I am not any football fan, but I heard that ur country is good in football.

Now I know more abt ur country from ur posting. It look interesting.  If I hv a chance, I'll visit ur country. Thx for sharing :)  


02:30 AM Jul 26 2009 |




Yes, it is true that Colombian like meat too; but out meat has a different taste, since our cows live in different climates. by the way, here there are 12 millions of cows and 3 millions of people xD

Did you like dulce de leche?

And yes, football is famous here, Uruguay hosted the 1st Fifa World Cup in 1930, and we want to host it in 2030, economist says that in that year, we are gonna be as developed as Western Europe, anyway it will be hard :P

 And BestLucky2Bedoon:), yes, Uruguay is a calm country

You are welcome :)

03:33 PM Jul 26 2009 |




Santiago, what about Colonia?


06:12 PM Aug 10 2009 |




Colonia is very nice! Have you ever been there?

11:57 PM Nov 19 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


WOW! I didnt know all these good things about Uruguay!

I like it! 

04:30 AM Nov 20 2009 |