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Do u like indian music??



Indian music was always knwn in the globe n now whn a.r rahman has won 2 n gulyar 1 oscar n zakir hussain 1 grammy it’s even better knwn,do u like indian music??(includng bollywood movie sngs)

06:23 PM Mar 03 2009 |

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lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

hehe i do not like it


08:08 PM Mar 03 2009 |




yess..they are so enjoying..


ı sometimes listen them..but i dont have any indian song on my PC..

I would like to have..


If u can, pls send me some :) OK?




Also i love Indian girls.. I think they are one of the most attractive girls in all nations…

09:19 PM Mar 03 2009 |




yes, i likeeee it.. they resemble our traditional music..

12:44 PM Mar 05 2009 |



Really duyushen,i didnt knew tht.thnx 4 the info,n cic i wnt b able to provide u thu,u cn ask java ,m sure he cn help,n m nt gona argue abt the song videos,sm r pathetic,bt new generatn bollywood sngs r difrnt,they dnt have mindles danc,cn chec those out

03:01 PM Mar 05 2009 |



Perhaps you are talking about Hindi, especially bollywood music.

A. R Rehmaan is ok but not all of the bollywood stuff.I like some old songs. My favs are Lata,Rafi,sukhwinder,Talat Mahmood and some others.

Jinn, I like Punjabi, specially Pakistani punjabi music much. I am fan of Nussrat Fateh Ali Khan (He is best in QuwaaliaN, have you ever listened "Jaana Jogi de Naal"?masterpiece!)

03:03 PM Mar 05 2009 |




I just love it, 

I like all kinds on music, from MS subbalakshmi to  Strings…..

I am a big fan of Indian Sufi  music!!

Ha, also Indian music is != to Hindi film industry music. 

03:18 PM Mar 05 2009 |



I really love it. I've got several CDs with Bollywood songs especially from movies with SRK of whom I'm great fan. He is my absolute favourite actor. So, every morning, when I drive to my school I listen to these songs and it cheers me up every time :-).

04:49 PM Aug 29 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

i love it sooooooooooo much

its soo lovely…i hear it every day…

12:36 AM Aug 30 2009 |


South Korea

yes i love indi music indi movie

03:12 AM Nov 12 2009 |