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Life Talk!

what latest story about you??

didi da'great


i just get a job early this early and get my first sallary at the end of February. so happy that i can have my own money..i use it to buy a new laptop. miss ebaby very much…

08:35 AM Mar 05 2009 |

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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i hope to this job be the job that u drean 4 it before! i hope 4 u to get a good laptob! as mine !!!


about me,, nothing but more and more of biology exams!

01:23 PM Mar 05 2009 |




Here(India), we call didi to an elder sister. Is it same in Malaysia?

The latest story about me is that I have just found a Didi in Malaysia too. Didi!!

02:44 PM Mar 05 2009 |




the latest story of mine is …....... i almost get fired T.T my boss has lose much of his money currently….. i think i should go back to malaysia and find a new job…

05:32 PM Mar 05 2009 |





I learned my physics mark :(

it is 63!

OWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I hate electric.. It is dawn difficult :(


I got 63 even i am 1.of skool :( So i dont wanna think others :D



Also i learned my bio mark .. It is 96 :D Yuppii.. I'm so happy :)



It is 1. news about me today..


2.one is about my skoolbus :)

Today i was waiting him..Waited..Waited.. But it didn't come :D

I thought that he forgot taking me.. sudenly he called my home..

And said

>>>> The policemen take my car. Becoz one of my certificate of car wasn't with me.. I sent you another skoolbus, my friend. But i couldn't introduce ur home him. So you have to walk to beach..He is waiting there for you..


(( I am 1. student enters skoolbus.. :D ))


then i walked beach with a angry eyes :D I was looking all white skoolbus  :D then i found that bus he said..

And sit near driver..and tell him all student's home :D

Ugghhhh it was so boring :) Also i missed the half part of 1. lesson  :))

05:47 PM Mar 05 2009 |