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Life Talk!

is it imprtant???



United Arab Emirates

hey friends i wana ask u all some imprtant Qustion….

tell me is it imprtant to get marry with the person we loved?

or no??

i have seen alots of incednts….. sum peoples says me its not necessary to marry the same person u love….

how come they says like dat?? its so strange?

let me tell u sumthing,,,,, i had a good friend…. shes very close to meee….

she loved sum guy as well he tooo…. but the problem is the guy dnt wana marry her…. b4 2 months ago he says he wants to marry her he spoke to his famly but the famly wont ready now… says no ….after dat some days or say month  he became so

so changed….he says her that he loved her alot…..nothing else can b…...but she wants to marry him as she loved him alot alot….. like  madly….. almost they boths together sine 5 months….

now she dnt know wat to do… shuld she leave dat guy or have to contiun?

plz friends tell me wats ur opinion??? mine was i says her leave him.. he just using u nothing much… but she dont wana believe me…. as she became blind in his love…...



01:44 PM Mar 10 2009 |

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United Arab Emirates

hey frnds thanks alot 4 ur advice's… really am very thankfull to u all….

03:10 PM Mar 24 2009 |