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what u think about this topic  say ur opinions.and what girls expecting in sex

01:51 PM Mar 22 2009 |

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having just casual sex never bring satisfaction you only get frustrated and still need more of that kind sex. What I found sex can be helpful only in long-term relationships when you know each other so well that you can accept her/his attitudes, mistakes, character shades…after that you will find three aspects of sex which the most people miss: first sex is physical activity, but also must be based on psychic and finally on spiritual view (this means when two people have same attitude on God – same belief) This is that parts of human beings which makes us people not animal whose have just instinct and physical drive :). In the end this kind of sex makes you really hapy and satisfied. In fact, God is the creator of sex and want us to be happy..in fact he gave us instructions how sex should be used…consider this: when you want to look up information how to make a coffe..you will easily find the instructions on its wrap – I wish there would be something like that for sex, which is much more important thing in matter of human hapiness. take care all be happy :)

09:05 PM Jan 24 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

it's not everything but sex plays a very important role in our lives.. and that is why it should be organized 

09:23 PM Jan 24 2010 |



i think sex is imprtant in our life, it plays a big role withing the society, In tunisia more than 40% of divorces' cases bec of the sex, since the couple has problem to have sex naturally. when u are not comfortable with ur soul mate, i don't think their  relatinship will survive.

i do agree tht sex is importat but it is not everything in our life

10:20 PM Jan 24 2010 |