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Meeting people in a strange city (Taiyuan, China)




 I'm a guy from Canada. I'm working in this city in China. It's not a very big city for China (maybe 2 million people) and there are very few foreigners. I cannot speak much Chinese. I just know a little. I've met a few people here but not many. I'm not sure how to meet more people. I guess I'll try visiting a bar I heard of where some foreigners go. I think only a small number of people here can speak English, mainly because they don't need to, because the city is at least 99.9% Chinese people. I know I need to learn some Chinese to improve my life here, but I think that will take a good amount of time.

Anyone have any suggestions?  If you have ever lived in a foreign country, not knowing many people or the local language, you will know what I'm talking about for sure.

07:33 AM Apr 30 2009 |

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hei guy.

this is my MSN ad:

and i can help you on chinese you can help me on english ,it's kill two birds by one stone right.

hope recieve you soon

09:40 AM Apr 30 2009 |



Canada is a beautiful country and perhaps much more beautiful than China,so i doubt y you leave there and come here,but Chinese culture is charming and very attractive,you can get a lot from my culture if you learn quickly and be willing to know my culture,you will never know if you never try.

 i sugguest you should learn Chinese hard in spite of the difficulties,no sweat,no sweet,this is truth.

 i dont think 99.9%of them cant speak english,you just have looked down upon them,most of them wont say hello to you first,unless they are students or they are willing to improve their english skill.

 it's all up to you,guy,you now stay in China and you should get used to her culture and special feature,or you wont be happy and bad mood may influent your job or subject

12:10 PM Apr 30 2009 |



You said: "i dont think 99.9%of them cant speak english,you just have looked down upon them,"

 Where did I say this? I did not say 99.9% cannot speak English. I said I think only a few can, in this city, because they have no need to, to live here. A few means a small number compared to 2 million. I don't know how many. At my work of course quite a few can speak English well enough, but I'm pretty certain I am the only person they ever speak English with these days.

 Why do you think I have looked down upon anybody? I'm not looking down upon anybody. I'm just trying to live here and adjust to what a find to be a difficult place for a foreigner without language skills to live in.


Watch your assumptions and don't take others' words out of context. What you wrote is incorrect and does not really reflect what I wrote in the first post. I'm thinking it your own baggage leading you to say these things.

01:56 PM Apr 30 2009 |



hi,there! Yes, I had the similar experience as you do. It was 7years ago when I first arrived in Birmingham. I felt the same as you do: new people, strange city and everything was strange to me. And at that time, my english was not good. I had trouble in listening and speaking. The only thing which was different from you is that it was not me alone. I had some companies.  But soon I found that the fact is you will never get use to the city, or say, be part of the city, if you always be with your companies. So I decided to keep me busy, busy working with local people, make friends with local people. I made good friend with a lady, Sandra, at work. We chat over everything, even her family fairs. She invited me to her home and met her two daughters. That was sweat memory to me. Then I found the city was not strange to me any more.

I think you will soon find your place in the city and get use to it. Best wishes to you, Joe (am I right? Is it your name?). By the way, I live in Taiyuan, too. If you need help, don't feel hesitate to contact me on

09:30 AM May 10 2009 |




as you said you think few people can  say english,

yes,its what you c but it doesnt means real.in china,there is also few situation for ppl to say english.so get some ppl to be your friends soon,n u will c  difference between the fact and ur thought.

then ur life in china wont be staff anymore

09:54 AM May 10 2009 |