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Swan Flu attacks non Muslim only


Syrian Arab Republic

  Muslims don’t  eat pig’s meat , because the God  “Allah “ forbidden them to take it , so the real Muslim comply with God instruction and adhere his order .Real Muslim without any protection shall not have HIV/AIDS because he/she have a legal sex” marriage” and not jump from friend to another, God prevented all kinds of relations except the decent real marriage     But Muslims maybe   get infected from sick people.Dear ,  again it’s a miracle of QUARN , Quran admonished believers not to take pigs and not to have only a decent and cleaned relation, otherwise the piad cost is as what you know these days . God has  firmly urged  all human to; firstly  have a deep  insight  in  Quran as it is the last message to all nations ,Secondly , you have  to  be always  vigilant  and don’t let devils of Satan and devils of human misleading 

03:41 AM May 05 2009 |

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of course the Creator knows what is good and what is bad for His creation…...coz He who created ….it is the simplist logic role…... 

04:34 AM May 05 2009 |



amr1970: Uh… I respect your religion, but swine flu doesn´t spread to people for eating pork.

And I hope you were not implying that those who are not muslims deserve this new kind of flu as punishment… because worst than the infection is the intolerance.

Take care and it´s only a comment.

05:29 PM May 06 2009 |



3 cases of this flu in Pakistan. probably non-mulims, though, as clearly, their god has made them immune. 


jews too? jains? 

05:44 PM May 06 2009 |




ha ha ha….....

that was a great joke!!


I was expecting this….

what did the "creator"tell about eating chicken? More people have been killed due to bird flu than swine flu. 

Stupidity rules the ROOST

06:42 PM May 06 2009 |




You are wrong. It's not argumment that muslim don't eat pig's meat coz if we don't eat pig's this flu will attacks us too.. Even by air.. by breath we can have this flu..

So pls.. dont give here stupid qquestion and nonsense argument. coz its not true!


U havent idea about swine flu and how it go to another ppl !!

07:42 PM May 06 2009 |



amr1920… the influenza doesnt have anything with pork… you can catch it from the air you inhale. It is just estimated that the first time it appeared was in a pig farm and a farmer caught it. It is said that  H1N1 was made by the mexican underground mafia and that they mixed H5N1 and human influenza etc. But in fact it hasnt so much to do with pigs…

07:51 PM May 06 2009 |




i associate myself with 2  previous comments.  Swine flu and eating pork are not connected with each other!!!!!!!

08:31 PM May 06 2009 |



United Kingdom

The only reason why most Muslim countries have not been hit is because they're mostly poor dumps that are cut off from the world in most respects.


I don't eat pork either, it doesn't mean that I'm less likely to get Swine Flu.  You get it through being in contact with someone else that has it.

08:37 PM May 06 2009 |




 in fact, most of what you said is true amr.. maybe influenza didn't come from pigs someway !! but quran miracles are great !! they can't understand us now.. but they shall understand, but unfortunately; it will be tooo late !! quran speaks about much things that human doesn't know them at all !! we have quran since 1400 years ago.. nothing has been changed on it, it spoke about somethings that didn't happen that time, but happend after that.. it speaks about future and the last of the world but they don't believe anything of that !! what should we do ?? just pray for allah to guied them !!Frown

08:45 PM May 06 2009 |



United Kingdom

I read threads like this and wonder whether people in the Arab world have heard of anything such as science, reason or THINKING.


Most people that have contracted swine flu have done so through contact with other people with the fly, most by those who were in mexico on vacation.

Certain will grab any half-fact to kid themselves into thinking that their pathetic way of life is better than the West.

08:54 PM May 06 2009 |