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Life Talk!

If you can return to the past...




Whom do you want to meet ?

What do you want to do ?


Well….I want to meet the friend again, and to drink. Smile

04:09 PM May 05 2009 |

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Whitney S

Whitney S


I would have had a school love Frown

08:32 AM Aug 24 2009 |



if i can return to the past ,i will do more more things which  i have regreted .

i will take my red paper back , i will say no .i will ask my parent to let me play the paino. i dare to do it . i will learn more i want to learn . i will be friendly to my friend…....

anyway ,you can't return to the past  now ,you must cherish your life.

02:22 AM Aug 28 2009 |



i hope i can hope my mother's hand, and talk to her much, and try to make her talk to me much …....

03:18 AM Aug 28 2009 |