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Life Talk!

What do you think about sex before marriage?




I want to know it.. coz for example muslim musn't make sex before marriage..

what bout ur opinion ?

06:42 PM May 07 2009 |

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Russian Federation


u r fighting all the time for ur religious views.. it's so damn obvious that you won't understand each other like u want.. one wants this, another wants that.. just let each other be the way you chose..

and all this "fights" and discussions what is good and what is bad won't bring you to a good final.. 

just say to each other – ok, i choose this, you choose that , and go different ways))))

02:59 PM May 08 2009 |



easy…you guys

 i read every single comment

 no right or wrong

it's controversial~

03:06 PM May 08 2009 |




can i cry 

i know islam religion.. ofc not at all .. i understand ur ideas, etc.. ;] and i do it before marriage.. i know it. 



heh.. why i will be pregnant ? hohoh. i dont want to have children.. only sex.. heh. im young yet and i dont want children in this time ! some year to do that ..

we make sex not for children first .. ;] we make sex coz we love other person .. we are with him/her etc.. 

do u know whats tablets and condon ? lots of my friends did sex and they dont pregnant ;] they use these special things.. condon and tablets.. some of my friend did it without this things.. and they dont pregnat too..

ofc im responsible and i wont do it without these things..


2-ly… Look.. u have husband.. hm for 3 months ok ? and u make with him sex…What will assure that he will not leave you after getting pregnant?

this that u have husband doesnt mean that u cant leave u after u will be pregnant . :)

u meet boy..and first u marry wth him although u dont know him .. so which certainty that he wont leave u ?

im with my bf 2,5 years.. and i know him 3,5 years.. i meet with him every day for 3-5 hours.. we have both friend.. i told with his friend and family.. I know how he is :)

and i know if i will be pregnant this time he wont leave me..coz i told about it with him .. 

so pls dobt say me this stupid things.. coz it made me fun .. its not truth .. u dont know my bf.. so why r u talking about him ? ;/

03:59 PM May 08 2009 |




this that u have husband doesnt mean that HE cant leave u after u will be pregnant . :)


sry for mistake

04:01 PM May 08 2009 |




i think not only Islam which banned sex before marriage. Christian also.. mmh… I think sex before marriage is not a good thing… why can’t u control urself? you can do it with him after marriage rite? anyway, do it with the right guy who will be ur husband… don’t u pity ur husband if he’s not the first one who do it with u?
virginity is a must for me… it shows that u are a graceful woman…

05:01 PM May 08 2009 |



thats a very good thought it should be appreciated…



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06:20 PM May 08 2009 |



sex after marriage is good..alright

but if the man knows that the one he loves is not virgin then life changes after marriage..

that would be unacceptable to see 'sex' as his standard and forget to see the point that 'love' is the most important ..

ps. i'm on no one side



02:14 AM May 09 2009 |




can i cry 

i know islam religion.. ofc not at all .. i understand ur ideas, etc.. ;] and i do it before marriage.. i know it. 





Dear Pati..U dont know my religon.. and so u shouldn't talk about it anymore…

I dont want OK?

And for me, in my eyes, you are getting lose ur ''important person quality'' :)

OK.. I am sure, My opinion about u, is nothing for u :) but i wanted to share..


If u dont know my religion, u cant critise it! Also U cant say good things too..

I dont want!! :)) (I know this sentence is nothng for u) But i wanted to share :)))


1.ly be knowledge,,,, then work with ur mouth .. it is better honey!


I dont want to talk about my religion anymore.. It is not a topic against of ISLAM?? is it??


So you are not interested about we are virgin or not :)

thanks for Ur suggestions about SEx.. But i dont need..

Thanks a lot!! I dont need them…

05:26 AM May 09 2009 |





baby I know ur religion.. trust me.. I read a lot about it.. 

I see that lots of ppl here post topic about muslim..wieird , isnt it?  well I woudnt be one of you. Im catholic and I would be catholic all my life.. It's my religion.. for me the best religion ..


btw .. Before u say that in summer western women are naked? heh no no .. we arent naked.. we have shorts, T-shirt.. and hat or cap if is strange sun .. We can sunbathin and swimming at the sea and swimming pool with other boys.. haha xD and its normal.. not shame coz

U have Quaran and we have Sacred Scripture .. and

1-ly God created two ppl. man and woman ( Adam and Ewa)  They were NAKED !! coz they hadnt got any clothes..after long time they use leaves to hide their body.. but They werent shame !! coz its only our body..We have almost the same body ( man and woman )

Soo .. we can go outside naked.. and sb musnt laugh of us.. coz first ppl were naked.. ofc.. we dont go outside naked coz everybody will be laughing.. and see for u..

But be naked its not shame.. be only in swimming-costume its not shame…. coz we are only ppl.. we have almost the same body.. so why must we shame ? !

its stupid.. !

08:56 AM May 09 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i don't think that your religion ask you to wear just short & T-shirt!!!! or do sex before marriage.. it's just your society.. and you couldn't to be different person.. you agree about everything that ppl want from you around, even your thinking is different..

why you are not a naked ? as Adam and Ewa?? you only care about ppl's laughing?!!!!


why you have single mothers in your society ?
why men have always freedom more than woman ?
is’t that make women a slave for this thinking of society?

10:10 AM May 09 2009 |