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Life Talk!

Answer , musilem girls are free or not?!!




for Every musilem girl

You must to answer to europ, they talk and try to help musilem girls to be freedom

tell them, are you not free? , are you really like to live in your country or in europ?

are musilem boys (men) hit you? are they make you not free?

One ask me, why musilem girls not free, i think i must not answer this question

this question for girls cos i not girl

tell are you free or not? are islam make boy better than girl

10:43 AM May 10 2009 |

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12:39 PM May 10 2009 |




I'm not a muslim woman but I'd like to express my opinion anyhow.

Do you really think that any abused girl (no matter if she is muslim, christian or atheist) is willing to tell her private problems and deepest fears about getting hit or abused by her husband or any man to any stranger in this forum or to anybody else?

Abuse to women happens to women of every religion in every country of the world.

But I doubt that these women walk about and talk about their problem to everybody they accidentially meet.

A friend of mine is a doctor and as a doctor he has to deal with abused women for his whole life. And he says that almost every single abused woman would denial the abuse because of shame and fear of her abuser than to talk about her problem.

There are a lot of reasons why these terrible things happen.

But I think one reason are religious conventions you can find in Islam (Qu'ran) as well as in Christianity (Bible).

One of this conventions is that a wife has to submit to her husband. If not it's legitimate that the husband will punish her for example by hitting or disown her. I know these rules from the Old Testament of the Bible that originates from an era that is almost 4000 years ago called Bronce Age. But time and society has changed so these kind of rules shouldn't exist anymore nowadays. In Germany state and religion are seperated so that the state is able to protect women from these kind of rules and punishs abuse by law.

Have you ever heared of the marital sex law in Afghanistan that is an Islamic Republic?

"The law, which sparked an international outcry after it was signed last month, says a husband can demand sex with his wife every four days unless she is ill or would be harmed by intercourse. It also regulates when and for what reasons a wife may leave her home alone."


At first I thought this article was an April Fool but than I noticed that it is true!

I think that beats everything! This kind of law legitimates rape in marriage and regulates and limits mobility of women.

Even if there are a lot of muslim women in the world who feel free and are treated well I think there are also a lot of muslim women who don't feel the same and get a raw deal.

And I think it can't be right that there are still religions and countries nowadays that are based on these religions that legitimate ancient rules like opressing women by making them submit to the sexual drive of their husbands and limitting their mobility.  

What do you now think about the freedom of a woman in the muslim world? 

12:50 PM May 10 2009 |




i ve read from two days about statistics in germany showed that 83 % of men prefer woman to be house wife (in kitchen)......and another statistics in egypt (from police stations) that 38 % of married men exposed to abuseve attack of their wives and the researher said as u the persentage is greater coz the eastern man feel shame from showing his wife's bad deal to him( of any kind, even emotional and prevent him from bed)Wink.....

what do u think now?Innocent

01:12 PM May 10 2009 |




I have also heared about abuse of husbands by their wife in the western world, too. That's no joke. But this kind of abuse is more a kind of psychic abuse than physical abuse. It's really incredible what kind of cruelties happen in the world. But I know also that here in Germany are a lot of husbands that prefer the old role model of the money earning husband and the loving and caring wife and mother in the kitchen (a glorified image that still stems from the Nazi-era. Before this era women who stem from the majority of the working under class had been used to work hard in factories or farms and care for her husbands and children at the sme time). But this old role model clashes with the "new image" of women they give themselve. It's about the woman who is able to have the same success in job career like their husbands or men and somtimes work harder than any man to get acceptance. These women often wish to be successful in their job and being a super mum at the same time. I can understand that men are confused by this new female kind of business rival while fearing to lose their role of beeing the master in their own house. So we have to learn to deal with this new kind of situation here. Men and women. Everybody has to decide by herself what's the best way of life.

I personal prefer to work in a job and to care for my family as wall. The same way I wish for my husband so we can share all duties equitable. I don't seek any special job career. For me the well-being of my family is the most important matter.


But what do you think about the Afghanistan law and the freedom of women in the muslim world, Osesame?


Have you ever heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali? 


Ayaan Hirsi Ali (Nl-Ayaan Hirsi Ali.ogg pronunciation (help·info); Somali: Ayaan Xirsi Cali; born Ayaan Hirsi Magan 13 November 1969 in Mogadishu, Somalia)[1] is a Dutch feminist, writer, and politician. She is the estranged daughter of the Somali scholar, politician, and revolutionary opposition leader Hirsi Magan Isse. She is a prominent critic of Islam, and her screenplay for Theo Van Gogh's movie Submission led to death threats. Since van Gogh's assassination by a Muslim extremist in 2004, she has lived in seclusion under the protection of Dutch authorities.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia. Her father, Hirsi Magan Isse, was a prominent member of the Somali Salvation Democratic Front and a leading figure in the Somalian Revolution. Shortly after she was born, her father was imprisoned due to his opposition to Somalia's Siad Barre government.[6][7]

Hirsi Ali's father had studied abroad and was opposed to female genital cutting, but while he was imprisoned, Hirsi Ali's grandmother had the traditional procedure performed on five-year-old Hirsi Ali.[6]

They settled in Nairobi, Kenya, where Hirsi Ali attended the English-language Muslim Girls' Secondary School. By the time she reached her teens, Saudi-funded religious education was becoming more influential among Muslims in other countries, and a charismatic religious teacher who had been trained under this aegis joined Hirsi Ali's school. She inspired the teenaged Ayaan, as well as some fellow students, to adopt the more rigorous Saudi Arabian interpretations of Islam, as opposed to the more relaxed versions then current in Somalia and Kenya. Hirsi Ali had been impressed by the Qur'an before she could even read, and had lived "by the Book, for the Book" throughout her childhood.[8] She sympathized with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, and wore a hijab together with her school uniform, which was unusual at the time but gradually became more common. She agreed with the fatwa against British writer Salman Rushdie that was declared in reaction to the publication of his controversial novel The Satanic Verses.[9] After completing secondary school, she attended a secretarial course at Valley Secretarial College in Nairobi for one year[10]. It was in books she read there that Ayaan would be exposed to Western culture and values for the first time, including the Nancy Drew series, which portrayed a fictional female character who solved mysteries and operated freely as an equal to her male counterparts. According to Hirsi Ali, these stories would play a pivotal role in her redefining what it meant to be a Westerner.[11]

Hirsi Ali arrived in the Netherlands in 1992. There is some lack of clarity about the events leading up to her arrival, and she has admitted to making false statements in her application for asylum to enhance her chances of staying in the Netherlands.[12] Hirsi Ali states that in 1992 her father arranged to marry her to a distant cousin. She also claimed that she objected to this both on general grounds (she states that she dreaded being forced to submit to a stranger, someone with "the Holy Book on his side" who could force himself on her sexually,[8] and on specific objections to this particular cousin, saying that he was a "bigot" and an "idiot".[13]) It is not disputed that in 1992 she travelled from Kenya to visit family in Düsseldorf and Bonn, Germany. It was planned that she would join her husband in Canada after obtaining a visa while in Germany. Members of her family have disputed the story of her forced marriage.[14] According to Hirsi Ali, she spent her time in Germany frantically trying to devise a way to escape her unwanted marriage. Ultimately, she decided that she would claim to want to visit a relative in the Netherlands, but, once she had arrived, seek help from that relative and claim asylum.[15]

Once in the Netherlands, she requested political asylum and received a residence permit. It is not known on what grounds she received political asylum, though she has admitted that she had lied by devising a false story about having to flee Mogadishu and spending time in refugee camps on the border between Somalia and Kenya. In reality, she did spend time in those camps, but in order to help relatives who were trapped there; she was already safely settled in Kenya at the time open warfare erupted in the Somali capital. She gave a false name and date of birth to the Dutch immigration authorities, something she says was necessary in order to escape retaliation by her clan.[16] She is known in the West by her assumed name, Hirsi Ali, instead of her original name, Hirsi Magan. Hirsi Ali received a residence permit within three weeks of her arrival in the Netherlands.

After receiving asylum, she held various short-term jobs, ranging from cleaning to mail sorting.[citation needed] She states that she had been an avid reader from childhood, and access to new books and ways of thought stretched her imagination and frightened her at the same time. She states that Freud's work, placed her in contact with an alternative moral system, one that was not based on religion.[17] During this time, she took courses in Dutch and a one-year course in social work. She states that she was impressed with how well Dutch society seemed to function and,[18] in an effort to better understand how this system had developed, studied political science at the Leiden University until 2000. Between 1995 and 2001, she also worked as an independent Somali-Dutch interpreter and translator, frequently coming in contact with Somali women in asylum centers, hostels for battered women, and the National Migration Service (NMS). While working for the NMS, she saw inside the workings of the Dutch immigration system and became critical of the way it handled asylum seekers [19]. As a result of her education and experiences, Ali speaks six languages: English, Somali, Arabic, Swahili, Amharic and Dutch.[6]


Hirsi Ali is very critical of the position of women in Islamic societies and the punishments demanded by Islamic scholars for homosexuality and adultery. She considered herself a Muslim until 28 May 2002, when she became an atheist.[56] In an interview with the Swiss magazine Das Magazin in September 2006, she said she lost her faith while sitting in an Italian restaurant in May 2002, drinking a glass of wine: "...I asked myself: Why should I burn in hell just because I'm drinking this? But what prompted me even more was the fact that the killers of 9/11 all believed in the same God I believed in." Despite that, in the television program Rondom Tien of 12 September 2002 she called it "my religion". She has described Islam as a "backward religion", incompatible with democracy. In one segment on the Dutch current affairs program Nova, she challenged pupils of an Islamic primary school to choose between the Qu'ran and the Dutch constitution.[citation needed]

In an interview in the London Evening Standard,[57] Hirsi Ali characterizes Islam as "the new fascism". "Just like Nazism started with Hitler's vision, the Islamic vision is a caliphate—a society ruled by Sharia law—in which women who have sex before marriage are stoned to death, homosexuals are beaten, and "apostates like me are killed." Sharia law is as inimical to liberal democracy as Nazism." In this interview, she also made it clear that in her opinion it is not "a fringe group of radical Muslims who've hijacked Islam and that the majority of Muslims are moderate. [...] Violence is inherent in Islam—it's a destructive, nihilistic cult of death. It legitimates murder."

At the Sydney Writers' Festival in June 2007, she balanced her arguments, saying "I am a Muslim" because she understood why Muslims were silent when the Qur'an was "invoked to behead captured aid workers, journalists and other Western wanderers," as silence is "better than an argument with the author of the Holy Book who has given the command to behead infidels." Hirsi Ali stated that she was also "not a Muslim" as she had lost the fear of the Qur'an and of Hell and lost respect for "its author" and messenger; and that she felt a "common humanity" with those she once "shunned", such as Jews, Christians, atheists, gays, and sinners "of all stripes and colours."[58]

02:05 PM May 10 2009 |




i don't know from where i can start(though i didn't read all this long article) but i 'll try to start with any point

first, there r shrud women as there r abisve men, so religion come to regulate this relationship, coz not all ppl live utopian case (and i excuse u coz u r single, if u r married , ur words may change, beleieve me)...u see the world from pink glasses, while the real differ…..so relogion order men to be good mode and deal with thier wifes (as their creator knows they well)- u may not catch this point also coz u r single- as the prophet recomanded men in his last words to fear Allah in women, and Allah will ask u about them…....and he said before " the best ones of u, r those who best with their famillies…" and also women to obey their husbands, and alot of traditions to make the boat of life go peacfuly

and u can study the book " men from mars, women from venus" where it is not an islamic book, though islam proceed it …..i don't like to compare what the creator said and what his creation discovered lately…

about working of women, no objection about that point but do u think she will do her best towards her family and house, from the cases i saw here …the answer NO…..

I can give u an example is my aunt she is a teacher and said to me recently i realy get very tired from work, but for our need for maoney i'll retire now but after this son finish his school and enter college i'll retire…..work for us women is not good…......no one told her to retire and may be her hubby want her to not to stop for income not to decrease in this finacial crisis….....also many many i know and talk with…...even not muslim friend woman say the same…....

i'll stop now coz i don't like long essays…


02:43 PM May 10 2009 |




"Why do Muslim women have to cover their heads?" This question is one which is asked by Muslim and non-Muslim alike. For many women it is the truest test of being a Muslim.

The answer to the question is very simple – Muslim women observe hijab or veil because Allah has told them to do so.

"O Prophet, tell your wives and daughters and the believing women to draw their outer garments around them (when they go out or are among men). That is better in order that they may be known (to be Muslims) and not annoyed…" (Qur'an 33:59)


im so free, freedom, alhamdulillah, i really grateful to life in islam an d wear hijab , and i think hijab is the beautiful fashion in the world, my life is getting happiness when i cover my hair, its different when i not wear it, its so peacefully and i love it so much, eventhough maybe im not yet perfect in fashion as real good muslimah, but i will trying to do the best thing for this.

and of course i love live in my country, my country is beautiful, so why i have to live in europe, where ever do you live, its still the same its depend on you to make better for your life, its doesnt matter

muslim boys of course not, they not hit me, they give support and good advice to be a good muslimah and wear hijab, they are like to look muslimah in wear hijab

 and dont say it again that muslim girls is not free, they are are free, freedom, they can be anything, like the other woman in the world, as long as they keep in islamic rule  


02:54 PM May 10 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

In Islam, There're rules for everything. It's not a human being rules ,it's God rules. and if anyone changed or broke these rules, then the problems become by natural and as a normal thing .


This is how god by islam guide us to the right way in our life.

04:58 PM May 10 2009 |




Hi Osesame.

I think there aren't any pink glasses I'm looking through. I can only repeat that every woman should decide by herself which way of life she would like to go. I also know that it could be a very hard job for a wife to earn money and care for their families. I also know that many of them are forced by social circumstances to work because their familiy wouldn't be able to survive without women's help. A lot of them failure. That's very sad. Often their is not enough public or social help for these families. This circumstance has to be changed.

But their are also families where the wife is not forced to work but she has a job anyhow. My mother for example had been working until she got children. When I was ready to go to the Gymnasium (German High School), she went back to work again because she loved her job and she loved to support her family by earning money. And I never felt that she neglected her husband or her children. She has mostly done her very best. For me my mother is a very good role modle.


What a pitty that you don't like to read the whole article. I know that reading it could be very exhausting (for me it was exhausting, too) but I can only advise you again to read it because this topic about women's rights and freedom is so important for every single one of us. Don't close your eyes.

It's about a former female Dutch politician with Somalian and muslim origin. As a child and teenager she experienced a lot of opression due to her family's conventional, conservative attitude towards Islam. She had been forced to mutilation of her gentials because of the muslim rules in her family and former society. She had been forced by her familiy to marry a muslim man she doesn't like. She should fly to Canada to follow him there. But instead she escaped to the Netherlands, got asylum, learned the Dutch language, got a master's degree in political science, had become an interpreter, a member of the Dutch parliament. Now she has a position in the American Enterprise Institute. Since her escape from Africa she has to hide because there are a lot of death treats against her because of her escape from marriage, political activity and her extreme statements against Islam.

06:48 PM May 10 2009 |





Hi Mynote!

There are a lot of muslims who think these "rules" are made by God. But I'm talking about a "law" that is made by men: the Afghanistan Government. These muslims and muslim women also often think that nothing bad could happen to them because there are rules made by God that are just "right". But these rules had also been written down by men. 

Do you also think there can't be any traffic accidents just because there are "right" traffic rules that prevent these accidents? 

You may live freely as muslim women but what's about the great deal of women out there who are still treated so badly, so inhumane? Surprised You can't cover the fact. 

In some countries there are already places that are called shelter for battered women. There women can find asylum to shelter from violence forced by men. But unfortunately these shelters are often not full occupied because a lot of these women feel shame and have fear towards their agressor.

07:16 PM May 10 2009 |





why some women be musilem in europ

and wear hijab, they dont need if they think like you

hijab , like any wearing , she like to wear cos she want

musilem women wear it cos they are shy ad not, also , they believe in god

god order us to not show bodies, god look to our doing and our heart

god love us so he wanna to see ,how we love him

We are free to choice islam, allah (god) know our heart about that

you come and say , we not free

ok ok

make friendship with any musilem girls and ask their private

dont imagine againist fact, we not do , we hate to lie

if you think i'm wrong to believe in islam,

show to me , your religion is is really fact and islam is wrong

i will be first one to join

Now, i trust in islam 100%

07:39 PM May 10 2009 |