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Life Talk!

when you be sad what are you do?




Hi Laughing

when i was sad i say to my self hay ahmad why you sad life is short what are you doing live you life and be happy and when i wakeup i say to my self it's beautiful day >>>try it people it's gooooood Laughing

be happy life is short >>>>>>

08:15 PM May 27 2009 |

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When ever I feel sad, I look up into the bluish sky and observe the beauty in the nature.

And after sometime, a time come when i feel the it was of no reason for which I feel sad about.It would soon pass.

jso ust live each and every moment of life with passion and determination.

08:56 PM May 27 2009 |

damascus rose

Syrian Arab Republic

when I sad I stay alone for a while then I said to myself ..Ok everything will be ok by the time 

08:57 PM May 27 2009 |




when I am sad I go outside with my friends and talk more and more.. if is bad wather I stay at home andwrite on msn or other communication :)

and ofc I listen to music. It's basis !

09:01 PM May 27 2009 |




well,if i feel sad i will do some things to relax myself,such as draw,sleep…..

05:15 AM May 28 2009 |




to nurtan: oh really OK but if you be sad all day you eat  chocolate all day be careful this is make you fat Laughing 

05:54 AM May 28 2009 |




 The first person who benefits from an act of charity is the benefactor himself, by seeing changes in himself and in his manners, by finding peace, by watching a smile form on the lips of another person.

If I find myself to be in difficulty or distress,  I show kindness to others, and I will be the first to find solace and comfort. Give to the needy, defend the oppressed, help those in distress, and visit the sick: I will find that happiness surrounds me from all directions.

An act of charity is like perfume it benefits the user, the seller,nd the buyer. Furthermore, the psychological benefits that one receives from helping others are indeed great. If you suffer from depression, an act of charity will have a more potent effect on your sickness than will the best available medicine.

Even when you smile upon meeting others, you are giving charity. The Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him) said:

"Do not dismiss certain acts of kindness by deeming them to be insignificant, even if (such an act) is to meet your brother with a smiling face (for that is a deed which might weigh heavily in your scale of deeds)."

O' you, who are threatened by misery, fear and grief, occupy yourself in the betterment of others. Help others in different way through charity, hospitality, sympathy, and support. And in doing so, you will find all of the happiness that you desire.

We who spends his wealth for increase in self-purification, and has in his mind no.favor from anyone for which a reward is expected in return; except only the desire to seek the Countenance of his Lord, the Most High. He surely will be pleased [when he enters Paradise]. (Qur'an 92: 18-21)

06:16 AM May 28 2009 |




when i feel sad i keep silent. but not all the time sometimes i talk alot and keep my self busy with others and try to donot think about that thing , think which make me sad

06:34 AM May 28 2009 |




to zanaz : yes this is really nice help other make me smile and happy and Almighty God ordered us to help others

08:21 AM May 28 2009 |



when i'm sad

i'm glad i know my condition so i can handle it

i'll do whatever you guys say from the above

but when my feeling is more than sad …

i dont know how to call it

have you ever felt like you dont know who you are

or sth like that


it's horribly desperate and i really dont know how to cope with it ..


just …

hmmm… (sign)

10:37 AM May 28 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

when i feel sad ,i cry alot to feel better . and talk to anybody i trust why i feel sad to help me . that's make me better Laughing

05:05 PM May 28 2009 |