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long time no see guys,how are you doing?:)

well,i always stayed with a girl recent days,i keep good relationship with her,we studied together,alwas she urged me to study,i am a lazy guy so i am very happy to own such a friend,she can help me to make progress.

She is a girl and i am a boy,we always stay together,i guess it's just normal that i ask she to be my girlfriend someday,but pity is i never get a feeling that i cant leave her,truth is,i just regard her as my good friend,more than common friend but you know,you cant urge yourself to say love to a girl you dont really love,after all,friendship and love are quite different.

i kind of cant leave her cause it's just my daily assignment,i study with her,always do homework with her,i cant make myself study without her,but she is not my girlfriend.

it's my situation,i know if i stay with her long enough she will like me,but i know perhaps i will never love her,we are never meant to be.yes,you can say,i take advantage of her,she is a good girl,but not suitable to me

what shall i do?keep in touch with her or leave her as soon as possible,you know i never mean to do her harm/

04:02 PM May 30 2009 |

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good luck.

04:09 PM May 30 2009 |