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Do you smoke?



Do you smoke? how offen do you smoke if you smoke, Are you aware of danger? and so on.. lets discuss this subject…

what should people give up smoking??

I am wondering that how much people dont smoke.Could you inform about you??

03:12 PM Jun 03 2009 |

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I don't smoke and I don't want to do it!!

It's disgusting :/

I hate when somebody smoking near me. That smell is aweful!

It's funny when young people I mean 13-17 years old smoking and they think they are like boss or something that. They think they are the best. But true is… they are ZERO!!

10:26 AM Jun 04 2009 |




I don't smoke. In Uruguay is not that easy to smoke. Cigarettes have a LOT of taxes, so they are expansive. Also it is prohibited to sell cigarettes to people who are less of -18 years old and it is also prohibited to smoke indoor, if they catch you smoking indoor you have to pay money and if you are the owner of a place like a restaurant and you let people to smoke inside it you go to prision =)

Our President is a doctor specialized in Cancer that's why he did all this things

Healthy Country =P

03:18 PM Jun 04 2009 |





i hate it..

it has a  terrible smelling..



i dont let ppl smoke near me,,,hardly ever… :)

03:58 PM Jun 04 2009 |



Well in my opinion it is the best thing to not start smoking at all so you will needn't to quit. Just look at those novices who are just trying to do dat stuff. They are choked by that big smoke. So it means we want to begin smoke by ourselves, because the fumes of cigarette are disgusting from the biggining.

Boys and girls, Don't smoke.

05:42 PM Jun 04 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

i don't smoke at all. i never thought of smoking as a habit or anything else. and from my point of view, anyone who smokes is a fool because he/she knows how harmful smoking can be

09:12 PM Jun 04 2009 |



Nope, maybe because when I was a child I used to smell the cigarretes that my grandfather smoked, Maybe I got tired of that smell and it´s the reason which makes me not to smoke.

In Mexico, a new law was released prohibiting smoking in restaurants, movies, offices, etc.

11:55 PM Jun 04 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Why I smoke! .. to look like a train …Sealed

10:16 AM Jun 05 2009 |



I don't smoke my partner is a havy smoker but he never smoke indor

01:42 AM Jun 06 2009 |

an old friend


yes  i do .as a freshman in university ,i begin to smoke .however i have confidence that i dont be addicted in that .but about one year later,i find i cant leave it .i am appreciate that feeling,cause she could keep you away from loneliness,and sadness.at that time ,you could fine you are a  real man…

but at present ,i want to give up that. 

05:11 AM Jun 06 2009 |

madina siraji

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Not at all! SMOKING Is illegal and hustler!

03:19 PM Jun 06 2009 |