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Bad mood



Hong Kong

I'm a divorced woman,But I was very young.21-year-old when I gave birth to my baby daughter.My baby is very cute.I raised her up for their own,Earn money in the field.I don't give me her ex-husband alimony.I am sad, I am tired.

11:39 AM Jun 10 2009 |

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You are happiness ,because you have cute baby.I hope you can happy everyday!And maybe you can gain the alimony by way of law.

08:16 AM Jun 11 2009 |



smile:-))))) you have a wonderful dauther and i think that you will find the way to get the alimony.

08:34 AM Jun 11 2009 |



Hong Kong

Thank you all, my ex-husband did not give me alimony, but also to tell others friend of our good, let people say that I am, and the bad Baby. For such a man, I really am sorry.

03:41 PM Jun 22 2009 |



Really sad!

Didn't you go to court? It is mandatory as per Indian Law. A husband can not deny this in normal circumstances. 

Anyway, you have a nice baby. Live for her. It is struggle!

06:56 AM Jun 23 2009 |

pink angel

pink angel

Saudi Arabia

i think you have a great blessing from god you have to save her and do your best in rasing her in a perfect way and never give up . always say thank god for everything

always remeber that god is beside you


and inshallah you will win the alimony

07:08 AM Jun 23 2009 |