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who wants to communicate in ICQ or Skype



Russian Federation

Hello everybody. My name is Sergey and i am from Russia. Why am i here ? It is very simple, Iwould like to find some friends from all over the world to chat or discuss some interesting things. I would like to speak to everybody by ICQ or Skype, because it much more comfortable than here. i am easy-going and not boring.So what else. I wait your messages.

My ICQ number is 287-900-044

My Skype name is  bolivar2

see you

03:53 PM Apr 26 2007 |

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hi!` all.  My name is Wanjie Li and I am from China. I want to  improve my English skill  and  find some friends form all over the world. 

My MSN is  lwjolala  @   hotmail.com    Waitting for  you.

11:00 PM Apr 26 2007 |




My ICQ is 419-461-431

11:13 PM Apr 26 2007 |