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Life Talk!

if you cold change world, what would you change..




imagine you are a global and influncial leader, and you got the changge to pring world wide changes waht will you take care of or what will you chang . . . . .

dont forget we all can be that leader. . . . .


07:17 AM Jun 19 2009 |

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Russian Federation

It's a really good question!

I think I would change people's life philosophy. That's one of the biggest worlds calamities. Cause most people are under vast varieties of self delusions.

For instance, people think that life ought them something, that people ought them, and that makes 'em feel like they were betrayed. Wouldn't it be better if we were only appreciate every good action, made in our direction, and assume everybodies actions as a way to reach their own goals. Well, it is obvious that everyone is trying to make own life better in the first place. Aren't you?

10:51 AM Jun 19 2009 |



that is right my dear world fellow ctizen, but don you think we are selfesh, I mean we are just trying to makr our lives better, andwe forgot allsbout world. I dont know how this iead came to us, how can we have a better live while world is chios, out of tuck. so firslly i think we ought to my the frame nicer so a to see the picture in it clear,as a result we got to work and give up our self centerness and work to change worls, I know its not easy many tried before, but that dose not mean we have to just wait to die, I beleive there must be some ways, but how we do it and how are they is something coversable. . . . . . . . .  look at this question for a while I posted it yesterday just you wrote back, this must sign somerhing, I think if I asked about sex and how to waste time millions would answer, may be it is early for such idea,however it is 1000 years old . . . .Take care

07:56 AM Jun 20 2009 |





09:20 AM Jun 20 2009 |


Russian Federation

Well, you are right about all this chaos all around the world.

But tell me one thing, can a man who can't even make his own life better perform such an exploit as making the world a better place to live? The answer is no. He have to change himself in the first place.

So, I believe there's not much selfishness in this act. The geatest people of the world are always startfrom themself and only then they are concentrate on world's problems.

And ofcause you are right about the majority of people who don't even think about it. And do you know why is this happens? It simple – because they can't change their own lifes. And even more they sincerely believe than it doesn't depend on them blaming others, government, politicians, society in their "desperate" situation.

09:47 PM Jun 20 2009 |




It'd be very very excellent, if I could to change the world… I'd conquer the whole world and entired under one country ... and it'd be called GEORGIA (SAQARTVELO).  dssss:)

12:20 AM Jun 21 2009 |



Djouzi not just you many others will try tomake it better, i said and Im ready to say it again that most people are ready to take any risk for such leap, simply for they are disappointed they may think if they get power tey will not be any better than perminentleaders, its right to some extends, yes that is rught we must chang this wayof reasoning other wise the rest is just a dream, we must change ourselves so as to get used to changeand to change what we think its barrier to a better world. I aggee with you Godzilla hudred percent, jut a small cult o people are nt responsible of wht is going down right now globally. we are all responssible. look what s now happing in Dfur is not jus leaders cause itis our, its about evry one.. ..

thy say people must be greatfull if a goodman, phelosoher lives during their lives, but here we all must work and find our real learder , then we might say we are capable and we are fertile creatures. . . . . any way i think its dnable regardless of is arshness and difficulities . . . .

Best guys


12:28 PM Jun 21 2009 |




i would delete all






12:30 PM Jun 21 2009 |

BestLuck2Bedoon :)


I'd like to see

- stateless people in all countries get nationality and get the rights same as national people

- Palestinian get their own country

01:09 PM Jun 21 2009 |


Russian Federation

Reading more about Islam, I see more and more similarity with other religions like Christian.

aliyatul_hikmah you are absolutely right.


06:09 AM Jun 22 2009 |



ok guys I really happy to share you this cinverstion here, Dear DJOUZI, I do agree with you…...

here I want to makr two oints clear, the first one is, lets not think that Eurpoe or US are better than as, they might in some aspects but worse hundred time than as in many lethal points, so we here want bring the Idea of change about.

seconly, I do beeleive that its just not responsibility of leders, leaders mean nothing without people, so people make leaders…....

while DJOUZI is a leader, at leat you think so, you couldnt be diffrent from permnent leaders they do things secretly, which is very bad, tell us dud what you gt in mind….. I dont say Iam a leader but I happely say that I want be a citizen of world soas to share my fellow peple up coming changes


Best for all, to bring changes about

11:50 AM Jun 22 2009 |