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is "swine flu" offensive?
























The media here in Colombia stopped calling the recent flue ourbreak SWINE flu. I didn't imagine that it might be because it was offensive to those who abstain from pork. 


Is the term offensive to you?  What about some of the other examples of pig-related expressions below?



04:36 PM Jun 27 2009 |

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Saudi Arabia

not at all

03:23 AM Jun 28 2009 |

Kyle A

Kyle A

United States

haha. funny comic. ^^


But seriously, "swine flu" isn't very accurate since the strand of flu did not originate in pigs. The media just decided to start calling it that…

05:53 AM Jun 28 2009 |



United Kingdom

I think the whole 'controversy' around the name is stupid.

08:40 AM Jun 28 2009 |



I suspect that pig farmers and pork producers didn't particularly like the name because some people were stupidly avoiding eating pork because of the name.



04:20 PM Jun 28 2009 |