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Female foeticide getting worse in North-West India



By Rumbold on 22nd June, 2008 According to a new study by the charity ActionAid, the female-male ratio is worsening in North-West India, with one area in the Punjab only having 300 girls for every 1000 males amongst higher cast families. Under "normal" circumstances, there should be about 950 girls for every 1,000 boys, the charity said. ActionAid suggested the increasing use of ultrasound technology may be a factor in the trend. The real horror of the situation is that for women avoiding having daughters is a rational choice.

12:43 PM Jul 03 2009 |

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Allah said in His last book Quran:

"And when the girl-child that was buried alive is asked (8) For what sin she was slain, (9)"

who do that, their punishment in the hereafter will be great….

also, i saw a program in TV show that in a village in india they obey a man who order them to kill women who have no husbands to remove the evil spirit from the village…....what a retardness!!!

and some here talk about woman in ISLAM….Islam who save woman from such ignorance…...

no more comment…............................

12:56 PM Jul 03 2009 |



According to a study, in last two decades more than 20 million i.e. 20000000 female fetuses have been aborted in my proud country!


03:06 PM Jul 03 2009 |



It is correct that a lot has to be done in this field. The good signs are that a number of social organisations has started working on this subject and their efforts has started bearing fruits.

04:00 PM Jul 03 2009 |



United States

it's great sin to kill a child, even if it's not born yet!! 

04:16 PM Jul 03 2009 |




I think Dowry system is the root cause of female foeticide


08:16 PM Jul 03 2009 |