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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Iranian Food

When you go to a restaurant or an Iranian family,

you can see many varieties of traditional dishes as well as modern ones on their tables.

 Many kinds of foods which made of grains, vegetables, nuts and meat.In the menu you can see:





  • Chelow Kebab: It is the most famous and delicious cuisine in Iran.
    It is made of rice(Chelow) and grind meat, lamb or beef (Kabab).
  • Kabab has different kind with different taste. Like: Barg, Koobideh, Soltani, Chenjeh.

The other major food in Iran is "Pollo" or "Pollow" 

which has different taste and made of different nuts and vegetables for example:

  • Albalu Pollow: rice with black cherry and chickenand additional nuts which depend on your taste                            
  • Loobia Pollow: rice with meat and beans( kidney beans or wax beans).
  • Sabzi Pollow: rice with meat usually fish and especial vegetables (leek, tarragon, sweet basil and dill).

And many different other kinds which you can see them in the restaurants.

if you see them in the menu and want to know about the recipes

please ask the waiter or waitress without any hesitation.

Next dish is "Khorosht" or stew which is served with rice or "Berenj".

it also has different kinds like:

  • Khorosht-e Ghorme Sabzi: cooked vegetables with chopped meat, kidney beans and additional spices like turmeric, pepper and salt.
  • Khorosht-e Gheimeh: split pea ,meat ,potatoes and spices like turmeric, pepper and salt and ketchup and a little lemon.
  • Khorosht-e Bademjan: fried eggplants, meat, tomato and spices like salt, pepper, turmeric and ketchup.
The other one is "Kookoo" and "Kotlet"

  • Kookoo: is a mixture of some vegetables like parsleys and leek and any one that you like and chopped onion with an egg which are fried in oil.
  • Kotlet: is a mixture of grind meat with an egg and chopped onions and spices which like kookoo it is shaped whatever you like usually oval-shaped.

Remember that the oil used to fry Kotlet and Kookoo is not very much.

Iran has also different kinds of salads and non-alcoholic drinks such as:
potato salad, Shirazi salad (mixture of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions with virulence ,salt and pepper),

Fasl salad or vegetable salad.

 tzyogurtdrink.jpg image by bernswong

Iran has an special drink called "Doogh".

Doogh is a carbonated yoghurt drink and most of the time it has acerb taste.

Iran has many kinds of bread (that called Nan) but four of them are very famous:


  • Nan-e Barbari: thick and oval-shape bread
  • Nan-e Sangak: triangle-shape bread
  • Nan-e lavash: thin, crispy and round or oval-shape bread.
  • Nan-e taftun: thin, but thicker than lavash.

"Aash" and "Abgusht" or "Dizi" are other foods.

  • Aash: is mixture of grains, meat and some vegetables like: Aash-e reshte, Aash-e doogh…
  • Abgusht or Dizi: is a kind of Aash but it has lamp in it with potato and pea and some times beans and tomato sauce.


08:25 AM Jul 14 2009 |

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Mahsallah :)) What great foods… we have same-similar of them…

Out taste of foods are mostly similar.. :))


Expecially Persian people like try new foods much…. I know it from my mom…. She can cook great…

She is a bit Persian..



Ahaaa but delete that topic when it is Ramadhan :) when  look it,,  i can break my fasting :P:P:P

09:31 AM Jul 14 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hey can i cry

thanks for ue nice comment

of course they are so tasty

i know our culture in muslim worlds are similar as well.

wow what do u mean ur mother is a bit persian?????


10:11 AM Jul 14 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


thanks aryos

u r funny


10:28 AM Jul 14 2009 |




it looks very delicious so when you are inviting me Sina16 at your place ?? Cool

10:35 AM Jul 14 2009 |



wow …what a colourful rice plate….if I can taste those????????hmmm

hope one day u will invite us…:)))


10:46 AM Jul 14 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

you r right nadiaaa

welcome to my country to eat these foods.


11:03 AM Jul 14 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


welcome to my country repenting soul,


11:05 AM Jul 14 2009 |




oooh it seems so delicious…..espcially the first one   hahahaLaughing

11:11 AM Jul 14 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thnks osesame

i hop u can come to my country & eat them too


11:14 AM Jul 14 2009 |




Yes Sina.. She is a bit… so little bit persian… I dont know it exactly… but i think her mom's side…

But my mom does not interest in anything about Persian…


11:36 AM Jul 14 2009 |