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Life Talk!





I Wonder so much when i see this words

This words Change my life before, Every one say that ,and every one believe

But Why?!!!

LIFE IS SHORT , Why not hurry to enjoy?!

LIFE IS SHORT , Why We Not try to try every thing?


Why we not Pray?


Short words


But Why every one wrote it and believe

11:37 PM Jul 30 2009 |

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Life seems to be short because we have too much desires & whwen we have so much desires which couldn't be fulfilled in this life ,life becomes short.

We are always at one point & looking at the opposite but we want to have the opposite at the same time.for example if we are standing at roof & we see below & wish to go below to see what is there & if we are standing below we wish to go at height.

But at one moment we can be at one point only,so life seems to be very short.

01:16 AM Jul 31 2009 |



life itself has no any meaning.

but when you try to achieve your dream, you make it excellent, you make it means something. always it is not so easy. you stop then move on, then stop then move on again…life is being wasted that way.

so, just carry on, never stay back

09:01 AM Jul 31 2009 |




Lphroah…we just been given about 24 hours daily..after we're asleep…everything is stop..this world is not attached to us anymore…and at that time..the air that we suck in our nose is seem just like a life saver…Its lucky if we can wake up for tomorrow…and that tomorrow..days is start counting again…24 hrs given…Wink

11:50 AM Jul 31 2009 |

Miss Lubaba

Saudi Arabia

" This life lasts only one hour, so spend it in worshiping God" Imam Ali bin Abi Talib said.

Even if we think that life is short, obeying Allah alone can make us live forever.

This life is not the real life. The hereafter is the real one. Here we do, There we find the price.

Everyone thinks logically should get benefit from every minute he has in this life. Then, he will live happily forever.


Kind regards

06:02 PM Aug 07 2009 |




Alia..LaughingI know that verse very much..and as human we must grab all the good deeds in favour for us to get more bless from God…and i read a religious book of Islam…the ummah of Muhammad s.a.w. is in 120 row…to finish the each square long is taking 140 dys walking in life,so to find somebody for forgiveness if we done wrong to him/her in that crowd…you can imagine it yourself…Yes life is short…but with a big chance…that is to be good to other man kind…

11:31 PM Aug 07 2009 |




The length of our life depends on our own. We can make it longer and better if we will have a healthy lifestyle, if we will take only good thoughts, people and things. We can choose the best option but I agree that whatever You will do, it doesn't matter, You are crying or smiling, we need more time to experience, feel it.

01:37 PM Aug 08 2009 |




Luzma…you're talking about behavior…i tell you, we don't have any chance only to do good to other human kind…and when you already full fill everybodys need (brothers ,families and friends) there's nothing going to hold yor feet if you want to go somewhere…Its always about a question…did we already done our responsibility..?or is it after all a an finished business..If you going to go somewhere you must left something for your family to eat on the period you left and they can manage them self with that…But when we're going somewhere with no way to return back (die) we must left behind a good memory..something that consider done and no burden and suffering left..,if not they keep asking and talking about it…And as you may consider that words "going somewhere"Smile

11:11 PM Aug 08 2009 |




We always going somewhere Luzma..we always got back to somebodys arm,got kiss and hug,but one day..we will go somewhere..and never return back…and at the times we still have alive now…just make good to everybody especially to our father and mother…But we always got something unfair don't we?..well,just go on and don't think about it…

01:34 AM Aug 09 2009 |




Well, I think  that the some people say  that because   despair  and  disease, etc.

Describe it please…i really don't understand…

02:43 AM Aug 09 2009 |




Well Ryo..its not a desease…its call "a bicycle to ride"some call "a training ground"and yes its a gift from someone who already face the situation and  i surely got something from my elder person…and no matter hard our life is..we can still motivate ourself.."even worm can live in a chilly"Laughing

03:13 AM Aug 09 2009 |