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Life Talk!

Sex Education!!!!!!




Sex education is an important part of our education & I have tried to know what is taught & told to our youngsters to train them & guide them.

But I have found that it is different in different countries & systems.

Our education consists of our our religious belifes,our legal rights,knowldge about reproductory system,diseases & methods of same safe sex & it has so many don'ts


I have don't find a single word of modification & refinement,which could give a lot of joys,satisfaction & make our life full of happiness.

Can't we tell our youngsters how to enjoy it deeply,I feel we can but only then when we have enjoyed it ourself. but how can we do that ?when we have not come out our guilt!!!!1

02:45 AM Jul 31 2009 |

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Russian Federation

The sex education, and as all Western culture and globalization as destroys a moral values and an identity!

Back to the primitive
Fuck all your politics
We got our life to live
The way we want to be

09:14 AM Aug 11 2009 |