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Life Talk!

i love you man ( Pls Read)




Nice words but Why this changed

Now this words was for american movies " i love you man"

This movies seem so romance but why he try to hurt us

when u see movie , u will see dog called " Anwar Sadat "

Who Anwar sadat , he was President of the Republic of Egypt

He Win againist Israel in 1973, when Israel attacked egypt in 1967

then He search for peace , he was first one go to israel to ask her for peace with all arab , Cos israel try always show wanna peace but arab not

He won Nobil price in peace

Then in 2009 , american actor ask other

- What dog name ?

- Anwar Sadat

- Why this name ?

- Cos Anwar sadat was President of the Republic of egypt , and Dog smaillar to him


I Just Ask Why they done this?

07:29 PM Aug 03 2009 |

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i don't watch that movie yet…it's new film or?? usually i always watch all hollywood movie..all genre. Your topic make me curiosity to search that film..LEt me watch it First!!

Anyway..Hollywood movie  always like that! Not just your president…they also make a joke for their president. As u know..their culture are different with ours in East.. In the name of Art, they're free to create and explore their talent (funny word or anything, even it will hurt someone). Can u imagine?? if it happens in my country?? that movie will be banned…Sealed

01:37 AM Aug 04 2009 |



Don't get upset…I know it will bother you somehow, but  just chilling out… It's one of their way to express their feeling, opinion..in liberalism way…



02:26 AM Aug 04 2009 |





yeah, it new movie in 2009 , search u will find it easy


hey, freedom mean to not kill other cos you wanna to be free , or dont make other sad too

to show their opanion , they are free but without dirty things like showing dog,

i saw some iranian movies , they hate anwar sadat, they said about him , he is so bad, but they never make dog or like that

11:31 AM Aug 04 2009 |




i not need to born there,

but if we do same, this will leed to hate

we must respect other , however

11:52 AM Aug 04 2009 |



A Dog Named Anwar SadatBy Will

iloveyoumanThe Egyptian blogosphere — namely Egyptian Chronicles andMasrawy — is starting to raise objections to the name of a dog in the Hollywood film, ‘I Love You, Man.’ The dog’s name is Anwar Sadat. A character explains the dog is named for his resemblance to the former Egyptian president (not, thankfully, out of admiration for his policies, as another character asks).

Let’s not get carried away though.

The bloggers are offended though for different reasons. Masrawy puts it in the context of anti-Arab portrayals in Hollywood, which tends to depict Arabs as terrorists or barbarians. Egyptian Chronicles focuses more on the insult it is to an Egyptian national symbol, and she notes that any Egyptian leader’s name shared by a dog would be a national insult. She also compares this to the outrage over the Obama-monkey dolls and argues the film should be censored.

These are certainly interesting points but I disagree.

I have often seen anti-Arab racism expressed through name-calling, but rarely are they called dogs in the United States. Actually, “dog” in the United States is not really an insult. It is actually a term of endearment (spelled “dawg”). Even the old derogatory term “bitch” — a female dog — has lost its shine, becoming so commonplace that it is more often used jokingly and harmlessly than to really hurt someone. And when it does, it has nothing to do with its canine etymological roots.

It should be noted that in the United States, people treat their dogs better than they treat their children. This is why someone here will demean another by calling him a “child.” Naming dogs after people is often seen as an honorific. So there can be cultural disconnect over the dog issue.

In this movie, though, it is clearly to mock Sadat and elicit cheap laughs. But I am not sure it is intended to demean Arabs. I am not even sure if most viewers know that Sadat or Egyptians are Arab.

Also, their arguments are weak because overall Hollywood has championed Sadat for making peace with Israel. Thus, Sadat was the subject of a 1992 bio-pic. He was played by Louis Gossett Jr. Seriously.

Another reason I am not offended is that many Arabs have called Sadat “kelb,” I am sure, and I have called him worse names. Is this a case of ‘we can trash them but other cannot’?

Sadat is a hero only among a very small number of Arabs today, so I doubt this will explode in any kind of controversy. As the for the film, I still doubt I will see it unless maybe it is offered on a flight and I have nothing else to do.

03:46 PM Aug 04 2009 |




its the same as most of russian anti-heroes in usa movies has surnames of famous writers and poets, puskin, gogol etc
Mind to give an example? Name of movies maybe?

i think you must born in america to understand their jokes.
No, you just need to be born at least with a drop of sense of humor…

most of them are seems to be stupid for me.i just want to say that their mind very differ from our one.
I bet you laugh your ass off on Zadornov's shows.

By the way, when I was a kid I have a black cat… We named it Tshombe.

04:12 PM Aug 04 2009 |



i think  the word (dog) in American society means something good they say (seadogs)for marines 

also.anwer sadat was a real dog  has no value at all.all arab moslims curse him.

your enemy will never respect you when you ask him for peace.

which peace they mean?to be well-armed living in luxury while palestinans live in  poverty in the desert.have nothing to eat . nothing to protect  themselves.

our dictators are still sleeping.thet present present after present just  to be satisfied.

07:02 PM Aug 04 2009 |



sorry but palestinans not our problem only .. and where is algeria from this problem what they have done to palestinans.. at least ANWAR AL SADAT had tried to solve palestinans problem he didn't succeed yes but he tried.. and not all arab moslims curse him talk only about yourself.. and study a littel bit history before talking.. you are superficial..

09:39 PM Aug 04 2009 |




Enough. There are more than 10000 the Pushkins only in Russia. It is among the most widespread Russian surnames. Alexander Segeyevich forgot to take out a patent for his surname. Would have become a millionare. And yet I had a classmate, Gogol…I swear! Forgot to thank him for adorable "The night before Cristmas"...
But yeah, it's very stupid to see Pushkins, Gogols, Tolstoys in movies. As if the guys who carry these surnames can be drivers, teachers, gangsters, lavatory cleaners or even evil generals who dream to conquer the world. Only great poets, writers and composers.
The same as if American can be named other than Jack or John… Can you imagine that?

No, buddy, only at Verka's songs
What's the point, "buddy"? ... Ah, he's just Ukrainian! Very witty…

06:24 AM Aug 05 2009 |




what is our dispute about? sense of humor or masterpieces of verka's…?
You know, it may look like we are talking about Verka's breasts, but actually we are discussing Islam and Jews. Like everybody else on this forum…

11:27 AM Aug 05 2009 |