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Life Talk!

Women Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Respected Women,

Please don't mind,

One question haunts me too much but

I couldn't understand so I have to ask,

Why do you polish your faces with creams,powder,lipsticks,eyeliners & so much?


10:42 PM Aug 04 2009 |

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It's great that you people (women) do a great charity,while understanding that

I am absolutely sure that women will stay as beautiful as they are without using cosmetics,

but I feel that there shall be very few women who support your statement,most of the women would say that it makes them beautiful.

I feel that we are doing just living life mechanically without understanding what we are doing & why we are doing…coke & pepsi are the best examles.


01:02 AM Aug 06 2009 |

anna zhanghp


cosmetics can make me more beautiful  , more confidence, and i will be in good mood in whole day .

03:31 AM Aug 06 2009 |




I couldn't understand so I have to ask,

 ....and neither could I.

Why do you polish your faces with creams,powder,lipsticks,eyeliners & so much?

Yes, why?? coz it will spend your money…(that it should be spent for buying something useful Laughing)

anyway..I wear it  (only lipstick and cream) coz others wear it. and if not wear it, u will look pale..(maybe it make woman more sparkling..)



03:42 AM Aug 06 2009 |




I wear it   coz others wear it

pop,I'm totally with you here

If one day all the women it the world(well only in my city is also o.k) refuse to use all these stuff  listed above by Dev, I promise I will throw  them all away.Why on earth should I use it? spend my money on it? spend additional 30 min everytime before I'm going out? for what's or who's sake?!!never again!!

well,excuse me now,friends,I have to go and apply my newly purchased   extra-expensive  tomorrow-I-will-look-as-young-as-10-years-ago   night-cream! :)

07:12 PM Aug 06 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Because it makes us look a little better. But I think all of us are naturally pretty.

I dont put a LOT of make up on my face because I dont want my skin to get old too fast hahaha

07:26 PM Aug 06 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

haahaha , great Q !!! an arabic or syrian proverb :

لولا السلمكي كانت الحالة بتبكي


if i will be like that when i color my face , i will put it KissLaughing

08:37 PM Aug 06 2009 |




Why people like to see a plastic flower,because it's beauty is persist for long time.

I do not agree to your view,does a plastic flower has a beauty ?I feel that aliveness of flower makes it beautiful.

we may differ to the defination of beauty!!!!!.

Why people like to make their appearence more than naturally,

they might be having inferriority complex & in one way they try to deceive the creator or existence. 


because their beauty is hard to maintain as plastic beauty keep present forever.

We consider that only face has beauty ,so we wish to show our self as beautiful,

but those people don't know that beauty does not consist of face only,it includes our whole being & to maitain that beauty is a tough job so we try to move in shortcut & attract others.

It depends upon the choice of people whom we want to impress,

& it is only opposite sex i.e.males,

& you can see the 'demand supply rule'

The choice of males is such which is supplied by women.

01:18 AM Aug 07 2009 |



Anna Zhanghp,

cosmetics can make me more beautiful,more confident & I will be in good mood whole the day,

Yes, it may happen since we do not know ourself & We look upon ourself through the eyes of others & when we succeed in attaining someone's attention ,it gives us satisfaction.


 it's temporary & it's effect is lost when someone comes near to us  & our being is revealed & coonection sustains for a very small time.

The real beauty belongs to our being rather than face only.

01:42 AM Aug 07 2009 |




We are a member of flock of sheeps & we move accordingly sometimes just because we are not aware of ourself.as we become aware of our capacity to be an individual, we may choose our way, which satisfy us.

01:51 AM Aug 07 2009 |