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Can You help me to choose good university in UK..?




Hi everyone! I would like to get some advices, if You have, about universities in UK. I wanna know more about them because I'm living here only one year. Is it very bad if my English language isn't perfect? Will I get an extra English lessons at university..? I'm worry, because I would like to continue my education, but my english isn't enough well.

If You know something or may be You are a student, it would be nice if You could share about studies, universities or an admission of procedure in UK, with me.

Thank's a lot. ;)

09:25 PM Aug 10 2009 |

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 It's NOT BAD if your English isn't perfect. You'll improve it. Just learn. What about admission, in every website of university is written about it, so first choose where and what do you want to study. Then call to that university and ask what do you want to know, simple.:D If you want, you can use Google to find minuses or pluses of university, you've chosen. Good luck!

08:29 AM Aug 11 2009 |