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How to solve your housing problem




My present house is boughtwith 2 rooms in 2007, it cost 400,000RMB (about 60,000 USD) , but the price of real easte rose rapidly, my house is now worth of 800,000RMB( about 120,000USD). If in downtown, near my Corp. it cost 3 million RMB (about 440,000 USD). Many of my friends are not married because of expensive house price. Goverment had abolished the distribution of housing long ago, we can only buy a house for living. I want to know friend around the world how to solve your housing problem.

08:59 AM Aug 20 2009 |

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interesting numbers. really. could You say us what town do You live? could You post some pics of your quarter & house?

>I want to know friend around the world how to solve your housing problem.

it is simple! we become the slaves of banks Foot in mouth. It is very common here in Poland. Almost all my friends has  big loan. I will finish pay off my loan in 2043 Frown. actual prices for 1 square meter are between 2000 and 3500 $ (it depend on localization/town ) for new flat. and about 1500$ in old block of flats. If you want buy house with garden in urban transport reach (what mean that You will not be wasting 1h to got job office and another one hour to reach house after work)You have to pay about 1000000$ for new house (or entirely renovated) or about 500000$ for old house. the farther from town the prices decreases.

The one recipe to decrease costs is to build house yourself. If I only can lay bricks… but I can't. so I had had to decided to buy.


11:44 AM Aug 20 2009 |




Hi friend, you are bank slave, and so I am.  I have more than 200,000 RMB portfolio loan for buy my house, a half from  commercial bank, other half from Provident Fund Management Center. But the interest of loan is extremly burden.  I would like exchang with your this topic. this is my Email address:yulu840902@hotmail.com .   You can email to me or add my MSN

03:20 AM Aug 21 2009 |