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Life Talk!

What is boredom mean to you? what are the reasons of boredom and how one can cope successfully with boredom?




Most of the people are bore that's why they are here to cope with boredom. But don't you think this is a quick fix solution to deep rooted problem. Quick fix can further increase boredom in long run. Is there any permanent solution for this boredom problem? what are the reasons behind problem? what are our feelings when we are bore and what are the feelings when we are in joy and fun? Where is the missing link between the continuum of boredom and fun?

06:59 AM Aug 26 2009 |

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because of my nature I need to fell prove usefull.If I am not doing any helpfull thing,I fell bored.I dont know yours or the others' reasons also you can ask why we are not feel bored while playing a funny game or spending time with our friends,I dont know the answer too.But I dont like spending my time for unnessecary games and I dont like to talk pointless so sometimes it makes me fell bored however being with my friends.I dont know if I can explain my ideas.you have opened interesting topics Saladeen.good for you

08:01 PM Aug 26 2009 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

the more u be close to allah the more u wont feel bored,

but not alot understand it and tray it,

some time boring come for specific reasounse ,if u dont eat helthy food or have nothing to do,or if u stay with pessimestic people


09:55 PM Aug 26 2009 |



 i am boring beacuse of lonely. i feel nobody care me,everyone igore me. so what should i do?pay all my attention on my work or something else to distract myself.

02:44 AM Aug 27 2009 |



my dear ilona.vienna somebody to care you !!!

05:39 AM Aug 27 2009 |





Thanks for joining this thread and giving new insights into this enigma like boredom topic. Yeah, i agree that most of the people who want to utilize useful and productive time find themselves in the midst of boredom when they don't have anything to do. When they don't have to do anything than they engage themselves into activities which we describe under the phrase " Killing the time" and useless activities. 

But i never understand why we get boredom from the most important projects while we enjoy in the company of most useless activity i.e we don't spend quality time with our own family but we kill our time on TV, internet, and clubs. 

Why we ignore what we already have for what we don't have?

Why we put ourselves in capricious aura? 

glassy heart:

Thanks for your suggestions. So, the point from your side is to make ourselves align with divine nature and be optimistic and avoid pessimists. 


Thanks for sharing your problem, lets think for a glance what you have mentioned may be we able to further elaborate our topic. You said, " i am boring because of lonely. i feel nobody care me,everyone ignore me".

You have mentioned good reasons for getting yourself into boredom, so, it means boredom is something to do with loneliness and insignificance. Honestly these are very realistic reasons.

You further mentioned, 

"pay all my attention on my work or something else to distract myself".

You have mentioned one of the boredom coping recipe….Smile

So, this means that you don't get enjoyment from your work itself but for the sake of overcoming the emotions and feelings which are emerging out of your loneliness and insignificance.

In other words there are few basic human needs which if not fulfilled lead us to the ocean of boredom. There must be some other needs. let's think about it to further explore it.

Ilona, first we have to explore it further to distinguish the basic human needs due to which we feel lonely and insignificance than we will be able to diagnose.

So, the next question is why you feel yourself lonely and insignificant? why you can't satisfy yourself with your own being? Don't you think that lack of confidence have to do something with insignificance and loneliness? 



06:34 AM Aug 27 2009 |



Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

weary feelingFrown that it is not a nice feeling when I'm bored playing with my brothers kids or read a book or visit my friends
but I don't feel bored most often will I be busy on my studies take most of my time 
i hope you don't feel bored and are always happy

06:38 AM Aug 27 2009 |




pls do not try to analyse me by your own thoughts and teach lessons here. do not make things so complex. do you think you are a psychological doctor or teacher?

oh,,,i am sorry ,you may think i have very bad manners. but i really don't want people make comments on me.

maybe i do not belong to here

08:16 AM Aug 27 2009 |





I haven't commented something on you rather i have raised question from your sentences. I don't feel sorry because i haven't mentioned anything which you are interpreting 180angle opposite from what i really wanted to mentioned. Neither i am a psychologist nor any mental health doctor, only i am here to discuss this topic intellectually. I am elaborating this topic in general terms and you are taking it personally ( May be this is because of left brain/right brain differenceSmile).May be it is because i haven't explained my point of view more clearly, if this is so than OK take all these thoughts as mine and i have no problem if you don't agree with me. 

This is obvious thing that there are six basic human needs which every person wants to fulfill and anyone who fill up our these 6 basic human needs are attracted to us and we feel significant.

The 6 basic needs are: ( Which i have learned from the opinions of others and i feel that it is true….. but you have the authority to reject).

1)Certainty /security: To take comfort and avoid pain.

2)Uncertainty/ suspense:  suspense and thrill, so that to fill up our lives with thrill everyday.

3)Significance: so that our loved ones at home and office give us significance. Everyone of us want to be recognized and we need significance from our circle of relatives and friends.

4) Love and connection: everyone wants to be loved and to be connected.

5) Growth and progress: everyday the life is changing and we have to grow with every new experience. We make mistakes and we have to grow to learn from it so that to avoid again and better our approach for next social dealing.

6) Contribution: contribution is the height of standard living to love and contribute in relationships unconditionally, even to love those who don't fulfill our needs ( although this is very difficult quality to attain).

Hope i have explained my point of view.  Thank you.


09:09 AM Aug 27 2009 |

Learner of Life


Actually, now I get bored to be here… Laughing

So, I still have not been so interested to share my opinion. ^_

n this is one of my reason why I search this topic Cool

Nice post, indeed!

Hope I can visit this thread again in other time… Smile

08:37 AM Sep 09 2011 |

Talk Now

Talk Now


i think the main reason for boredom is the lack of freedom. i can observe this most happened with students at the time of exams . Students have little choice over how they spend their time. One choice they do have is how to express their boredom.

But not this weekend, thanks to Labor Day~! <3 I’ll just be doing all my homework monday night instead.

01:08 PM Sep 09 2011 |