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Life Talk!

To Change this word , You must love





LOve yeah, why not !!!!!

Love people , love other religion, love every one without ask who are you

War not kill human before, but letus hate, why hate,

every religion ask us to love other however we be, how ever they believe or not

every thing can change with love

love beautiful and love ugly ,

love smile, and leave sad

love to make u smile without know ur name

Some hate Americain for some reasons, also russian , also arab, christain , musilem , jewish , .................................

Can u give me reason for this hate, if you can? , if tell me why other hate us, and what u wish to stop this hate

11:48 AM Aug 28 2009 |

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like between america and iraq

if america save money who spend in war

and built homes , schools , universitys and hospitals for iraq,

so they will earn all love in this world, and say great about her

not like we see in news, naked iraq men , and dogs

and some raped iraq girls

after this all, america will leave iraq after distory it, and it not earn any thing

Right? love or hate is better than

12:00 PM Aug 28 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Personal actions reflect on the people, SO, we hate The people of peace OR War policy  I hope to understand the meaning,AndI hope that peace would prevail all over the world

02:42 PM Aug 28 2009 |