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Does the real love exist? Feel confused…



Hey ebabies, Do u think the real love is existed?

Well I did before, but now I feel confused…what’s the meaning of real love? 

We are so great together (he said so), but have to be apart in different countries for some reasons. I feel his unsure somehow while I’m planning to go to his country. As I just don't want any pity left between us. Later I was told by one friend: that’s because he worried maybe he can’t give me a better living condition in the future. so he wants me to stay in my city… What? Want me to stay here? and then? get married here, give birth here, &die here? Is that for my sake? It drives me crazy,  is that real love? and I don't know what to do…

09:11 AM Aug 29 2009 |

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Love is love may be a net love or facing love & love is not love even in face to face love because there may be something else in mind.

It all depends upon our truthfulness & understanding.

everything is posiibe to be right & equal chances of wrong one too.

Just hear the call of your heart ,nobody other than you can answer to you & your answer shall be for yourself alone & not for any otherone.

Mostly we don't have courage to be in love because marriage has deteriorated the purity of love & has attached too many responssibilities to our love.

& most of the time we seek security but not love, & we consider both of them similer.

We seek security but not love at all,otherwise what is the fear ? 

08:32 PM Aug 30 2009 |