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Life Talk!

How can I build up a confidence ?



Dear Friends & Teachers!

I hope you are doing very well at work and at home and where ever you are living right now. I want to make a request If you don’t mind. I’d rather say to you for coming up with your time in order to hook me up with your valuable comments with resepct to my question.

I’m really a bad speaker of English. I feel hesitate to give the answers of the questions to speakers. I make many mistakes while I’m speaking. My tongue does not give me a chance to stimulate a correct sentence in my head in order to speak correctly.

I’m normally at a loss of words whenveer I try to speak and I think because of my poor communication skills. I need to enhance my confidence in order to speak it face to face at anytime and at anywhere.

What are the ways that I can follow in order to build up an enough confidence in me.

Please, help me out! Of course, I’m not a fluent speaker.

Apart from, I want to share with you one more thing that is my age and it’s 20 years. I’m studying this language myself.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Peace out!


09:02 PM Oct 08 2002 |