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Life Talk!

Why is Ebaby Life Talk always flooded with Islamic and Anti-Jewish topics?



United Kingdom

I come online, and all I see is the first page with tons of topics about Islam (how it is the greatest religion, or how Muhammed is the greatest mofo that ever lived), Ramadan …

It's basically down to 2 users: Djouzi, osesame.

Two prebuscent boys from Algeria and Egypt that have nothing better to do in their lives but piss other people off on the internet by imposing their religion on everyone else.

To anyone not apart of these, do us all a favour and keep your topics about Islam for another site:

Here's a good one: http://turntoislam.com/


Update: Now the user has moved on to spam the forum with as many anti-Semitic topics to fill the gap.

It's a shame that there are no moderators for the forum, it just allows people to take advantage to spread nonsense and hatred.



03:12 PM Sep 04 2009 |

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i was away about 1 week and when i came OMG WHAT HAPPENED?


Life talk was TURNing to islam talk, but i think it is already ISLAM talk. i only see this word.

At first I thought it was only the stupid djouzi that has no life, and his parents commited suicide since he has some religious sickness, that cant live without spreading the word uncorrectly, and attacking others with something based on islam. He created threads that none cares (besides osesame , he is the only one who cares deeply and support him… AH and gkiss but he always is against him! thanks god! ). I wonder what djouzi  wants.. if it is fame? it is making people more annoyed about islam? if this wasnt enough, djouzi  created a fake account about the arrivals. after he attacks you (fabs), that you had million of fake accounts he came with a fake one . i bet he will answer that isnt he, but one of fabs new account.

osesame, well I've still hope he will understand that only muslims will really care about his threads. before i must say, he had nice threads, but now they are getting repetitive and annoying :( 

I have hope osesame, will ''change'' his behavior and not post so many posts about the same thing (islam)


besides there is no hope for djouzi but call some help from the maniac's house, and  intern  him  on somewhere far from computer access! and far from islam for a while. in my opion, hang him,would be the best.

04:08 PM Sep 04 2009 |



Since all here we have freedom to post any topic we like, they are allowed to do it. I mean, we can´t blame Osesame neither Djouzi to try to explain about their religion. Obviously they don´t do it with a bad intention but let the others know about it. It´s our own option if we decide to participate or not. If you are tired to islam posts, avoid it. That´s all!

Besides don´t you think it´s the lack of our imagination to post another topics here?? Why we, better of being complaining, start to create topics related to "Life talk"?? We are thousands of minds full of ideas, different cultures…. I mean, we need to be more active at ebaby.

04:28 PM Sep 04 2009 |



why The Arrivals is Djouzi ?

* The owner use a super broken english just like djouzi

* his way of talk is like djouzi

* Is a muslim

* he makes exactly the same mistakes as Djouzi

* He already knew my name, and he sent me a friend request in the beggining of his page, and he had no views. 

* I commented one of its pics, and i didnt say nothing wrong, and he attacked me just the same was djouzi used to do

* He is islamic maniac

* His way of reply is like djouzi is use the same way of representation as express.

* Djouzi created a forum about the arrivals long time ago, none cared, after 1 week or something, the arrivals profile was created. Besides none ever commented about the arrivals and now there is. Besides i commented the thread of djouzi about the arrivals, telling that he was the arrivals profile, and he deleted the thread as way for none discover.

* uses the same abreviations, that are not normal abreviations.



04:29 PM Sep 04 2009 |



ha ha ha

nice analyse, with a lot of inteligent remarks, you should become a teacher Riky, but unfortuatly I dont know what the hell you were wasting your time since I am not the Arrivals ha ha ha ha ha

actually i'm not wasting my time searching for the truth! i dont give a damn! I just commented here as way to say to the owner of this thread my opinion. 

 I dont know the Arrivals, I read his blog & profile, he has a perfect english, not like mine.

bullshits! its rare to an arabic speak a correct english though! or he/she is very smart, or he will talk like '' Hey dude! bartically I to know to sbeak english!  ''


 Woow, if what you said is true, than we are so similat, thanks Riky, I will contact him later and ask him or her to become friends.

go ahead! but be safe ok? xD

no wait! dont be safe! kill yourself.

 I have deleted that thread about the Arrivals, becoz I just avoided to enter that subject I knew it was just nonsense and going to nowhere, so it was worth to delete.


OMG thanks god you know it was nosence! can you delete also all your posts? they are all nosence, stupid and unecessary ;)


Aryos*  was present, ask him about the last comment I posted before I deleted that thread.

I'm not sure if you want to hear aryos opion. since he was on my side on the forum. asking him to say something, will just brong you more land to bury yourself.


Trust me, I know the Arrivals, it is a movie, it is really very interestin if u wanna see it… it can maybe calm you down and become stable boy…

Now i know how you become sick! watching that stuff!





04:47 PM Sep 04 2009 |



No I wont.

Mayb I will open one named "That Guy Riky…"

it will really make u cry nd hurt your soft and teenage feelings

I'll be waiting for ;)

''Tese'' fase! :D


Well, I hope I will  come back and find you fix, without crackers under your ass

fuu! i've no crackers! thanks god!  I aint a manyak to have it as you;)

05:02 PM Sep 04 2009 |



Come and check if you want, maybe I have a good one and I am sure u will like it

sure! i can check! but you gotta put a cork on your ass please!


05:22 PM Sep 04 2009 |



men, you forgot me… :D  hmm I think fabs is the Jew on the site he gave.. there are always posts from a Jew there :D

08:34 PM Sep 04 2009 |



"I think if anyone is disturbed because of any topic, he can just ignore it & dont' click on it,"

You are my hero!!!

"I see some posts about Islam and some are against Islam, which means Islam is the most important issue here!"

It seems so, even when the final goal of this page is practicing and improving english. Today I log in to participate in LIFE TALK and I find a lots of forums about islam, which I respect but I wanted to participate even in something less formal, something funny to forget the stress of my work.

"I used to love Ebaby before but now Actually I can't take this site seriously anymore :("

I started to have the same feeling. It´s tired to see how your friends start to fight over and over… Can´t we have a balance??

11:38 PM Sep 04 2009 |



seriously, ebaby was better before this islamic threads came!


12:28 AM Sep 05 2009 |



 AH and gkiss but he always is against him! thanks god! 


How cn you say that?!    Djouzi is like my best friend in ll of e-baby (even if he denied my friend request. he accepted the request of one of my secret identities :)  )

he's like the special son I never had.


we agree on lot of things. for example…. wait, I'll think of it. I'm sure there must be something. let me get back to you.  

04:14 AM Sep 05 2009 |