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Life Talk!

Do you remember your first ever love feeling?




The first feeling of love is so intense due to hormonal change of childhood into adulthood that all the blood seems to gush into a person face. 

The first ever love feeling which i noticed was when i was at school 9th grade and first time i recognized that our arts teacher is really very lovelyLaughing, than i use to stare at her when she was not looking into me….. lol! 

The life is a series of love bits, some time we caught love like an enfluenza that's why many call it Loveria.

I am not talking about sexual feeling but just a love feeling when a person appreciate something at par…..

Love can be for anything anywhere and for unknown reasons…. 

12:02 PM Sep 15 2009 |

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It was during 10th Class. I had a crush on a girl who used to sit in the first bench. When I managed to speak to her, she said she did not like last benchers(me).

we joined the same college , Later on we became great friends, only work parted us… 

05:37 PM Sep 15 2009 |



The first deep love feeling was with a girl 4 years younger than me. She has been the sweetest of all dates I have had. We didn´t last too much but I really enjoyed all the time I spent with her before and after the break-up. Even I imagined myself being married with her (an idea that now is obsolete for me) and having 2 children, hahaha! She´s now one of my best friends.

09:45 PM Sep 15 2009 |




Hello!  my first love was when i was 12 and i like a girl who live across the road from me.  she was very tall, taller then me!  she was lovely, blond hair and grein eyes, girl of my dreams!  but i told her my feelings and she smiled, so we date for a few months until she had to move away :(  we finally find eachother online in may, so we are in contact again :)  but that was my first true feeling of love!

08:38 AM Sep 16 2009 |




Thanks for sharing love accounts, although i am neither an auditor nor accountant. But let me tell you the feeling of gushing blood towards face and making it pinky is the real indicator of love. The adrenaline hormone is the real culprit for all this love business…... But as the song goes "First cut is the deepest, baby you know"

11:08 AM Sep 16 2009 |




i think my first love actually i cannot call it love since i was a child was when i was 10 years old, i used to like my cousin who is 1 year older than me. but now we share some funny memories with each other since we were fighting a lot ! lol

11:24 AM Sep 16 2009 |




@ vip.qtr:

You can call it love…... if after looking into him your face turned to pinkish tone…..Laughing

11:29 AM Sep 16 2009 |





This means you too stare into you teacher while she don't look into you…. lol!


first deepest cut is now your best friend…... can you define best friend?......Laughing


What's the future plans? you will keep open the first deepest cut or would you make it sew?.......Laughing


Where is your deepest cut now? Laughing

Lol! you feels to me more like Poleo Chelo " Eleven minutes" introductory page….. once there was girl going to school, there she fall into boy but was shy enough to speak to the him, but she wait for him every day in the morning to stare at him from home to school as he was also his near by neighbor and that 11 minutes from home to school and back were the most lovely time for the rest of her day, she waited for that event desperately through out 23hrs and 49min…. something like that…...Laughing


11:40 AM Sep 16 2009 |

MiSs DoDo

MiSs DoDo

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

i have never fall in love with anyone even when i was adult (im now 21) but there is a complete change i n my life since this man comes and change all my feeling . i dont love him but he makes me feel something strange i cant decode it. he has never talked with me anyword. i know his feelings from his eyes i see real love from him. he sends his sister everyday to tell me his feelings and asks me to marry him. i refuse because i dont want to damage a family (he is married and has children) . i dont love him but i maybe pity him because his love to me. i am very sad because i am responsiple of the sadness and painfull of someone. plz tell me what can i do in this case. i alwayes think of him but  i dont love him .

12:54 PM Sep 16 2009 |




@Saladeen :

 well, i think this happen whenever i saw a cute guy since i was a shy girl Tongue out

but now, the way my stomach is feeling like butterflies in it when meeting my love..

is one indicator of Love Tongue out

10:28 PM Sep 16 2009 |



well ,i think this happen whenever i saw a cute guy since i was a shy boy

05:32 AM Sep 17 2009 |