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Life Talk!

hi guys! can we be friends?



hi guys! i am a fresh perosn here. in fact, i am an english major and graduated from university this year. i got a job but i felt upset because i could not use english as i want. where i live now is far from my home therefore i have to go back to home every two weeks. i feel lonely and sad.
i want to make friends with u. can i be your friends? if u have time pls write back to . thank u very much!
have a nice day! take care!

04:09 AM Nov 13 2002 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi dear: I am fresh too,I wanna improve my speaking in English.I think we can help eachother to improve our English.I am studying software engineering and I am 18.I will be glad if you answer me or send me an email or add me.
my yahoo id is:respina98

02:38 PM Nov 18 2007 |