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Life Talk!

New Ebaby Website!? What do you think?



In my opinion some things changed to better, but mostly of the things are bad!

The website is slowlier to open.

alittle bit difficult to manage the things as before, and our ''my ebaby'' is strange comparing the previous one.


What do you think of this new Ebaby Settings? Do you like them? :)

06:34 PM Sep 21 2009 |

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just a person

United Arab Emirates

Yeah i agree with u dear .. and  how can i reach( my ebaby ) btw ?

the old one was much better and faster in fact

looks better too as i see

06:38 PM Sep 21 2009 |

just a person

United Arab Emirates

oh .. i guess i found my ebaby .. its friends update isnt it ?

06:43 PM Sep 21 2009 |

just a person

United Arab Emirates

as the say  : Old is Gold

06:44 PM Sep 21 2009 |




i didnt read all comments about new e baby but i agree with a friend near me! something maybe is good but generally not! and so slow … I think that olsd version was faster and easy to using.:(

06:47 PM Sep 21 2009 |



yaiks!! I miss old one! U_U

At least now we have 10 top friends lol :D

it should have a number we chose! :P

06:49 PM Sep 21 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


first of all I have to thanks for EBABY'S officials efforts

to change something in this website.

we have to know, changing will be great

sure all changes should be in order to make the better

situations & options.

but about these changes, let me say:

1.( log in ) page is better than before (more colorful & fantazy).

2. home page , is so messy & full of unuseful informatios & ...

please don't push us to see many things which we don't need

or we don't want to know about them , we wanna have just

somethings which are about us in our home page(my ebaby).

3.new option tape at the top of page will be more useful if

we can see them in all pages in ebeby not just at the top of

profile page( its better we know how many new mails we r

reciving when we are on other pages and so on – it can be

required about all personal new informations which we need -).

4.as you know most of members are youths here & they like

colors & lights ,they try to make some changes on their pages

to have a profile more beautiful than others , but in new profile

pages we can't use back ground & it makes our profile so bored

& simple (just white). let me say i don't like it at all.

5. the website is so slow that i think will be changed to the faster one

in future.


07:54 PM Sep 21 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

i don't think it's better it's bad and so difficult to use the old one was much better and soo easy

but maybe it will takes a few days to understand how to deal with new ebaby

08:12 PM Sep 21 2009 |



i agree also with you djouzi

the part of the forums that we have to go on other page to see the reply is very bad!

imagine a forum with 20304021 replies! we gotta do about at least 100000 pages to get to see the last one! it is very bad! it will kill the forums

08:29 PM Sep 21 2009 |




I agree with all comments
the old is better than now
there are a lot of problems
the administrators should solve them

08:48 PM Sep 21 2009 |



United Kingdom



How can we navigate along th larger forum topics if there isn't a way to select the page?

09:17 PM Sep 21 2009 |