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film of Anne Frank is posted on YouTube



Little girl at the window: Only known film of Anne Frank is posted on YouTube

Last updated at 2:40 PM on 01st October 2009

Courage: Video footage of Anna Frank, shown here in an undated photo, has been released on YouTube

Courage: Video footage of Anne Frank, shown here in an undated photo, has been released on YouTube

The only known film footage of diarist Anne Frank has been released for the first time to a worldwide audience.

The haunting black-and-white images show the then 12-year-old schoolgirl leaning out a window in her home city of Amsterdam at the height of World War II in July 1941.

Despite clearly smiling, she looks vulnerable and alone as she stares out on to the busy street.

Soon afterwards Nazi persecution of Jews meant she and her family had to go into hiding, before she was finally captured and sent to a concentration camp where she died aged 15.

Anne Frank’s Diary, chronicling her last few years, was first published in 1947 and became an international symbol of the Holocaust.  

But while Anne’s prose has moved millions across the world and plenty of still photographs have been published, few have seen the only known film of her.  

The Anne Frank House, a museum dedicated to her legacy, was in possession of the film – but previously it was only accessible to those visiting the museum or watching documentaries that contained the footage.

Enlarge anne frank

Global tragedy: Anne Frank at the window of her home in Amsterdam in 1941, taken from footage that has now been released on YouTube

Now, however, the museum – which is celebrating its 50th anniversary – has launched a YouTube channel as part of a virtual museum about her life.

The channel includes the 20-second video segment shot before a neighbour’s wedding – making it available around the world to anyone with an internet connection.

A clearly excited Anne can be seen watching the bride and groom heading off to Church, surrounded by friends, family and passers-by. There are few clues to the horrors to come.  

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1217401/Anne-Frank-video-Museum-publishes-known-footage-diarist-YouTube.html?ITO=1490#ixzz0SmtTJcJ7

02:10 PM Oct 02 2009 |

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oh Great… Thank for the share…

04:36 PM Oct 02 2009 |

Monique Fernandes


This video was posted in youtube a long time ago… I had seen that in the end of 2007 after reading her diary… oww I loved I could see that video.. it's not like a photo…:D that's the proof that she lived :) Sad story… brave girl!

I still have the link of youtube in my favorites


It was posted in June/2006

12:29 AM Oct 03 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Anne Frank..

I read about her life story in a saudi forum one year b4

her dairies were recommended to read ,

but I didn't buy the book ;definitly will do that in the future

& what about this mvie,any one have seen it? Does it worth watching?!


thanks for reminding me about smart Anne

Thanks for sharing :)

08:17 PM Oct 03 2009 |

Monique Fernandes


H'mm I have watched the trailer of this movie once… and I was supposed to try to find it, maybe I'll watch someday… while that I don't watch it someone could say if it is good or not ;)

02:50 AM Oct 05 2009 |