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Life Talk!

Chinese, why are you celebrating the 60Th anniversary of Communist dictatorship?



Western press says that Mao killed 10 millions people and he was a womaniser and lot more….

Why are you celebrating Communist dictatorship then? Was not Mao the worst chapter in Chinese history? Had it been Cheng Ki Shek in 1949, with backing of US, would not it have been a better place to live in China then? 

Do you admire Western model of Democracy?

It is international forum. You need not fear that monster communists. You may express your self freely.

04:54 PM Oct 04 2009 |

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all things has gone by.we are undertaking a wonderful period.we donnot care about the politics,we only concern the reality of our short life,one time once a survivor.

05:08 PM Oct 04 2009 |

Mr. Pmosh

Mr. Pmosh

Dominican Republic

What Just-by wants to say is forget the genocide and enjoy your eggroll!!!!Smile

06:12 PM Oct 04 2009 |



Today Chinese have their Hitler and everything is well in their life like during the time 1933-1939  but I bet there will be a war as the same as the WWII.


I think we need to wake up our Chinese friends. :((

09:33 PM Oct 04 2009 |



One thing about the Chinese; they sure know how to put on a grand spectacle. Of course nothing says military power like thousands of soldiers in red miniskirts and go-go boots


China's National Day celebrations (Pic:AP) 

09:58 PM Oct 04 2009 |



@gkiss-hey ..i lykd dat..hw many soldiers do u c nw a days ,whch r dat pretty!!;)

04:24 PM Oct 06 2009 |




I don't care what western press say about china any more because they they interpret what happened and is happening in China in their own way. Some are true but some are terribly false, intentionally and unintentionaly.

Mao killed many people but at the same time he saved much more life from being killed. He made chins an independant country.

We celebrate the national Day because we grow up in china we love china we love chinese among whom there are are my beloved families and friends. What's more, we are leading an increasingly better life.Besides,the case is  the current leaders of China are enjoying very high popularity.

What's wrong?

It is very interesting that we chinese won't ask such kinda question when you indians celebrate your National Day and when Americans celebrate their National Day, although there are also tons of problems in those countries.

04:10 AM Oct 07 2009 |



Viet Nam

Well, I guess it will take more time for our Chinese friends here to change their points of view. I used to love our communist regime because I believed in what I was taught. Vietnam has been a communist nation for so long, 64 years, I think. And I didn't know that communism was that bad until 2 years ago. Many of the people I know still believe that communism is the best thing among other things. :) So please don't push our Chinese friends. One day, they will know what they should know. Just hope that day is not too far. Peace and happiness to everyone.

08:31 AM Oct 07 2009 |




I didn't mean to pinch anybody. I am very curious that ordinary Chinese are celebrating that day very emphatically. And I find no coercion from the part of your govt. to celebrate it.

You know this is not the common perception of the communists. We are told that ppl are forced into fake celebrations.

It is true that anyone will envy your prosperity.  But is it coercive prosperity or do people enjoy some fair system of Governance there?

Anyway, Happy independence day!!!

11:57 AM Oct 07 2009 |




Huyen : I thing it will take you a bit time to figure out that the Chinese communists are different from Vietnam ones. China is undergoing a stable increase in economy while Vietnam underwent a disaster during that time when the communist party was in office. BTW: are they still there?

:-( : who told you that we were forced into false celebration? How could it be? We celebrate the day from the bottom of our heart. When you were told the story that we were forced, did you believe it? If you believe it, I won't feel strange why ppl of other countries would like to believe any negative reports about China by media such like CNN, VOA , BBC and so on…....

01:59 PM Oct 08 2009 |




  Thanks for your understanding. I do like Mao. As to the communist system, I can't say I love it or not, because I have never tried any other systems. But the communist system is the only option in present China and it is working well.

Frankly, I can't understand why ppl believe in religion. I think they are weird.hehehe  It is the first time I speak it out. But I respect their choice and try my best not to question and challenge them. so why ppl from other countries are harping about China?

02:07 PM Oct 08 2009 |