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Thoughts are real forces




Dear Friends,

I want to start a new topic "Thoughts are real forces". This is somewhat spiritual related.

By the Law of Things: Thoughts are things, they are real forces, and they are energy. 

All, please come up with your thoughts on thoughts. What do you think of the above statement. Are you with me?


06:58 AM Oct 12 2009 |

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I totally agree what u say. U can find it in one similar circumstance with 2 different moods, things can be very different.

If  take good thoughts as a firmly belief, I think things will get definitely better than what it is now.

This is my understanding about thoughts:)

07:14 AM Oct 12 2009 |



Russian Federation

It is all true!!! But sometimes it's very hard to control one's  thoughts. Wise men say that we should clear our thougths, our mind, our heart & soul.

08:00 AM Oct 12 2009 |




Yeah that's true everything was nothing at one point in history but human passion and commitment turned the thoughts into reality. The real core of everything is hidden in the inner value and inner world. There is lovely quote, " our inner world creates our outer world". The things emerge from thoughts to materiel. So, the value of soul and thoughts are far greater than material realities. Most of the influential figures were first successful in their inner lives and than their passion and faith turn those thoughts into shape. 

We confined our understanding to the world of senses and this is the biggest mistake we repeat to insure our mediocrity. The only difference b/w mediocre and world class artist and scientist is the richness of inner realities and imaginations.

The conventional wisdom is making us slave of 5senses while the best discoveries are the result of imaginations, unconventional/literal thinking, intuition and hunches.  

Thanks for sharing lovely perspective of inner world journey.

11:49 AM Oct 12 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

I agree with you and the most important part is to put these forces of thoght into action.

01:14 AM Oct 13 2009 |




it's an abstract thing, we know their exist and we know they have no body. even the energy more have body then they are, meanwhile an energy is abstract too.


thought is master of the energy, they controlling the usage of energy and determine how much energy can generated.

02:35 AM Oct 13 2009 |




Some imaginations are for artistic expressions (abstract art) and some other for making it true (concrete art as that of science related).

On one hand we have people who turned their imaginative passions into science, than on the other hand the other bunch of creative artists produced whole range of expression arts on canvas and papers. 

Although there is big contrast in the outcome, apprehension and pattern of both.

The scientific outcome is although more concrete but they are offered to wide range of public.

While artistic creations are although abstracts but haveing snobbish value, very few aristocrats and affluents can afford the bounties of abstract art.

06:40 AM Oct 13 2009 |