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Who gets more pleasure?




Hello Sexy Men & Women,

 I have a question for you all. I want to know who gets more sensual pleasure during the sexual intercourse. Is it you or your mate?

In my opinion, it's the women who gets more sensual pleasure than men. The reason might be for women, there are many switches on their body to turn them on. So they can get different types of joy compared to men. But men have only one switch with them and always get the same joy. What do you think?

So I invite all the sexy men and women here who enjoy sex a lot with their partners to come and share their views on this.

05:09 AM Oct 13 2009 |

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kind of weird…

07:08 AM Oct 13 2009 |



all people know that

you just waste your time  and your healthwe have never seen  successful men and women who run after sex.

life is very short and those who spend it to get pleasure will feel very very sorry.

our bodies is composed of spirit and physical needs.if we  fellow a coprehensive method to get balance between our physical and spiritual needs we will feel happy.if we think life is just sex and no more than sex it means we consider ourselves just like animals and nobody accept to call him animal.

11:33 AM Oct 14 2009 |




Yes, Life is not all about Sex. But it's the part of human life which can't be shrugged off.

09:51 AM Oct 15 2009 |