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Accounting In Islam

Atlas Lion

Atlas Lion

United Arab Emirates

Dear people,

How are you doing I hope everything all right. I am an student from UAEU and I

am working during these days on a project that discuss Islamic Accounting and

Finance. I need your help to finish my work. I got a short survey for you people

specially those who study/work in business economic field.

 Could kindly go through it ??? and believe me it is going to take only few minutes.

I appreciate your help and Good Luck for you

Here is the link for survey.


01:48 PM Oct 28 2009 |

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Atlas Lion

Atlas Lion

United Arab Emirates

Thanks very much for those who did the survey !1

05:01 PM Oct 29 2009 |

Atlas Lion

Atlas Lion

United Arab Emirates



if U mean Islamic Economic

its standards is developed by AAOOFI

01:35 PM Nov 02 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In the twelfth century AD, the Arab writerIbn Taymiyyah, mentioned in his book Hisba (literally, "verification" or "calculation") detailed accounting systems used by Muslims as early as in the mid-seventh century AD These accounting practices were influenced by the Roman and the Persian civilizations that Muslims interacted with. 


03:44 PM Nov 05 2009 |