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First charter of human rights, was written over 2,500 Years Ago


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The Cyrus cylinder


This is the first declaration of human rights written over 2,500 years ago by Cyrus the great, Persian king of first multinational empire (more than 25 countries)


first declaration of human rights

Extract from the Cyrus Cylinder (lines 15-21)


The Translation:


I Am Kourosh (Cyrus) The Great King, King of the world… Now That I Put The Crown Of The Kingdom Of Persia.., Babylon.., And The Nations Of The Four Directions On The Head With The Help Of Ahura (God) .., I Announce That I Will Respect The Traditions.., Customs And Religions Of The Nations Of My Empire And Never Let Any Of My Governors And Subordinates Look Down On Or Insult Them While I Am Alive… I Will Impose My Monarchy On No Nation… Each Is Free To Accept It, And If Any One Of Them Rejects It.., I Never Resolve On War To Reign… While I Am The King… I Will Never Let Anyone Oppress Others… I Will Never Let Anyone Take Possession Of Movable And Landed Properties Of The Others By Force Or Without Compensation… While I Am Alive.., I Will Prevent Unpaid.., Forced Labor… Today.., I Announce That Everyone Is Free To Choose A Religion… No One Could Be Penalized For His Or Her Relatives' Faults…


Kourosh / Cyrus The Great



Today 29 Oct is the international day of Cyrus the great


Cyrus portrait


Cyrus portrait


Although Iranian was the first nation who written the charter of human rights so many years ago but It’s pity to say that Iran is still one of the countries that often breaks human rights,

While Cyrus saved Jewish nation and honored them but now it’s shame that our president once said we want to wipe out Israel from the map.


Iran in 2,500 years ago was more democrat and humanist than now.


01:00 PM Oct 29 2009 |