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Life Talk!

Loneliness 2

rose Ahmed

rose Ahmed


some times you might feel alone while your all family and your friends are around you,you feel like you are sitting in the dark and can't see any body, you feel like you are in an empty room in your house,you feel that there is something missing in your heart ,you feel like you are crying in your chest that no body would listen to.

and this is the real feeling of loneliness and you will find this feeling when you lose someone who you really love..

have you ever try this feeling?and how?  

12:07 AM Oct 31 2009 |

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rose as you describing my feeling 

i have gone through this feeling for along  time ,man, i have felt lonely i hated this life i hoped to sleep and never wake up.but i am here now living without heart and feeling loneliness that i think it will never end.

i will tell you my story i was in love with a nice girl who made me the happiest man in this world.she was my classmate but without knowing how she became the most important person in my life i worked every day to make money that make me marry her and we decide to travel to Malsiya for the honey moon,after one year we were married and went to Malsiya  for the honey moon,we spend a nice month honestly i consider this month to be my live,

any way we came back to Yemen again..one week after we came back she said that she want to travel to one of Yemen's city called Aden  to vist her family

she went and never back and she will not because she had died in an accident

she lift me here alone to live this loneliness feeling.

i still young but i am like an old man i cant smile any more i cant work for tomorrow coz i hoping met her as soon as it posible  

07:01 PM Oct 31 2009 |

rose Ahmed

rose Ahmed


hi abdowahib

i really dont know what i have to say i am sorry for you and i ask my gad to help youFrown 

but as hakimi said welcome to my life…............etc

dont be hopeless the life is really beautiful and you will find the happiness again

live for today and tomorrow and never give up. 

07:50 PM Oct 31 2009 |

rose Ahmed

rose Ahmed


hi again hakimi 

i think you right..and you said that you felt this feeling once and i am sure it was a worst the feeling for you at that time but after you pass it and you laugh on your behavioure now

so can you tell us your story if its ok with u? 

08:07 PM Oct 31 2009 |

rose Ahmed

rose Ahmed


sallam hakim 

people have different opinion some people see its something ok while other not

any way as you like and i respect your opinion  

09:31 PM Nov 01 2009 |

rose Ahmed

rose Ahmed


hi lela

who said that hakimi is lost here

by the way all fo as are  friends so dont worry honeyInnocent

07:57 PM Nov 07 2009 |

rose Ahmed

rose Ahmed


wooooooooow three years its really long time and you still friends 

and as i read last showing up for her was one year ago

its really nice to know that there is a really friends through ebaby and they knew each other for year 

12:51 PM Nov 08 2009 |