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Life Talk!

Why do you still come here?


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


I'm a new member here but It's about 7 months which I come here to read friends' comments, I seldom write because I don't have interesting things to say, everyday after work I visit here, I'm addicted to it, I'm looking whether someone said something interesting or not? Something which make me happy even for just a minute, but seldom find such topics.


Sometimes come here to forget my real life, sometimes to find a person to accept me or even praise me!


But everyday I close my web browser with a despair feeling, but still I'm sure that tomorrow I will visit it again,


Why do you visit or write here? And what's your feeling about it?

05:27 PM Nov 02 2009 |

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Why do you visit or write here?

first, I wanna have my own secret blog, no one out there who I've known before will read it, because most of my friends, exes, relatives don't know about english baby!(exclude for someone that always googling on my name) So I can write anything I wanna. I feel the FREEDOM

Second, I wanna improve my English, I know my grammar is terrible, so no one will make a judgement of it,  as far as I know, almost all my friends, exes, my siblings are very good in English.  

And what's your feeling about it?

Nothing, just if you wanna know about my feeling, it is all here…on my blog

01:20 AM Nov 03 2009 |




i wanna expanding my horizons.improving english. increasing vocabulary.

08:08 AM Nov 03 2009 |




i have seen several topics about the site getting bored..i dont think it is about the site itself;the site ebaby offers everything to practice,make friends,sharing pics,videos,forum,chat etc…i think that people dont know how to use ebaby! we arent really communicating,whoever i send invitation,he or she accepts but when i send message which is kind and not offending of course, the person doesnt reply for some reason..most of the people  comments someone's pic,but it is nothing just comment,the owner doenst care at all,it doesnt help us to exchange..most of men seek for just girl so why the hell are they here,there are a lot of international dating site i guess..when i fist came this site, i thought the online chat can really help but the conversation doenst go further of saying hi or asking male or female(why the hell does it interst u?just speak,you wont marry),and the others r just watching and dont answer the private messges for unknown reason again:P i am still here because i am only reading lessons and vocab for now because nothing left to do.if the lessons and learning vocab,doing sample toefl tests had been boring,too,then, i would have left this site already.

 and about forums..it was really really boring when some couple of same Easterns keep opening posts about religious stuff,but now the forum seems a little better to me.just enjoy it or open more fun posts..

i needed to state my concrete ideas because many people say they are bored but really a few says why really bored concretely..i hope you dont misunderstand me.

12:38 PM Nov 03 2009 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

I always contest to the idea that EBaby has become such a big bore.. The site will never have something to do with it (boredom thing)..


This site has been created but we, EBaby members, are the ones making it.. If we find this site such a bore then, we have no one to blame but ourselves..


Time and again I visit this site, add friends, approve friend requests and reply to fora as a way of helping this site stay alive.. There are so many social networking sites, but I find EBaby as one of the most beneficial..


I agree with July when she said that she can be what she wants to be in this site for most of the people close to her never had any idea that this site exists.. I, too, find this an " escape island"..


Let's continue helping each other learn English.. Let's continue having fun as well..

03:46 PM Nov 03 2009 |



Sri Lanka

You are darn right, LF, we members are the ones who make any social site boring or interesting. Today is my first day here, and I was just browsing when I too noticed some hopeless chat going on and there were hollow opinions expressed in many threads. As you say, why don't we put a little bit of collective effort to put things right, eh?<!-Session data->

05:52 PM Nov 03 2009 |


Viet Nam

I think I will to be improve English . because my English not very well .

04:04 AM Nov 04 2009 |




Why do you visit or write here? And what's your feeling about it?

i like theis sight

coz i feel good when i am here and in this sight i met new friends

12:58 PM Nov 05 2009 |


Russian Federation

I registered here just today, And the reason of my presence here – I have some leisure hours at my work :)

11:13 AM Nov 10 2009 |